Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday in Paris

Writing out postcards at lunch today.
 Our adorable waiter is behind me.
We are on Rue de Something.

Great lunch, and of course Scott out ordered me.

Mid 40's tonight, but the apt. is warm and cozy. It rained on and off all day today, but it doesn't seem to matter. Thank goodness it warms up by noon.

Lots of walking today. We went to the neighborhood where I found the straw french market bags last year. Searched a labyrinth of streets, and to save us we could not find them again. This city is a maze, but we found other cool stuff we had never seen before. A huge fountain, an old church, a bronze statue, and many awesome boutiques with so, so, so many PURSES that were calling my name. However it was like 1950's America...not a single shop was open...Sunday! But window shopping is need to make a decision, and quite economical!

Scott wants me to tell you that he made breakfast AND dinner today. He had to figure out the microwave, which actually has a button that says "steam clean". He ended up hitting the only button we understood over and says "30 sec." The point of all this is I haven't even filled a glass with water in the kitchen...I'm on vacation!
Scott got up early 2 mornings in a row to get fresh croissants. 
Yesterday they were all out, so this morning he left earlier.  The guy in front of him got the last four. Obviously, Scott needs to get up even earlier, or find an alternate bakery! 

Well , exhaustion is calling so
Bon Nuit...

A bientôt,

P.S. Mom...can this count as an email?


A Tale of Two Cities said...

I"m remembering how just this past Sunday I was exactly where you were and loving every single minute. A week can make a difference weather-wise. Last weekend was one of the most perfect weather days I've ever spent in Paris. Guess l'automne is making its presence known. I thought of you last week when I was there--I saw a store with all shapes and sizes of baskets displayed on the sidewalk, and wondered if the one you wanted was there.
Where are you staying this trip?


High Heeled Life said...

Teri... how wonderful to wake up to breakfast awaiting you!!! Yes, Scott 3rd time you will get it right .. but bless your efforts!!

Teri, you look relaxed and wonderfuly happy writing your cards!! XO HHL

Cherry Blossoms said...

Teri, Sounds like a lovely time. I am jealous you are in Paris again. Safe travels

"All things French" said...

Hi Teri~ I found your lovely blog whilst roaming around my favourite sites and looks like just in time to read your adventures in beautiful Paris.

Jenny said...

You are a superwoman! thank you dearly for including us on your ultra lovely Paris getaway. Scott is doing very well, preparing meals and croissant hunting. My hubby encountered the same problem scrounging up pastries in the AM. Here's to croissant breakfast tomorrow morning.

char said...

Way to go Scott! Keeping Teri happy is such a sweet thing and it all works together, right!

All is well on the home front and Lexi keeps us laughing all the time. She is the best!

You both should hear the poem we put together for school yesterday.

Have fun continuing to explore one of the worlds greatest cities!

Post more photos!

Teri, the song Ella recorded was the little French song, Lili. You get credit for finding that one.

Cathi said...

First of all, Scott is an angel - going in search of croissants so early in the morning! Your trip so far sounds wonderful and you look like you fit right in there. Have a fabulous time! xxoo :)

Patricia said...

You look adorable - so chic!

Erin said...

We loved receiving your postcard! It is displayed on our fridge as another reminder of the "city we love." Life has been SO busy lately that I have been remiss with my blog reading! Enjoying a Saturday of "catch-up" and wanted to check in with another PARIS afficionado!

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