Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Sixth Photo

So... I haven't blogged in awhile. My mom is doing fine with her ankle in a cast, so I can't blame that...

I guess I'm just sorta out of things to say...

But, I've been inspired once again by the very person that talked me into this whole blogging thing... Ruth at The Beautiful Life. She tagged me to blog about the 6th photo I ever published on Blogger. I went to the very bottom of my blog archives, worked my way forward, and came up with this...

~Now, a few thoughts... first of all, how over-processed can hair get???? I naturally have very dark brown hair... this photo makes me laugh... but I am only trying to cover the gray!

~Another thought is how much I miss those earrings. They were cz hoops, and I wore them almost everyday for years (when I find what I like, I tend to stick with it... that rectangular silver ring on my right hand was bought in New York 9 years ago, and I wear it almost everyday). I took those earrings off one night, laid them on the coffee table, the dog got one, and well... the rest is history. I have searched for 2 years, and am still searching for a replacement pair. *sigh*

~Another thought I have is how cool that jacket I'm wearing is. I got it at Marshall's one day for about $15. Gotta love that.

~I am also thinking about that cold, wintery afternoon when I was eating that crepe. The wind was often biting cold, and the crepes just steam in your hand, and you can't help but take a bite way before you should.

~My final thought on this photo... and the post that went with it, (Dreams Are Made to be Followed) has rather cool timing. The post was about following your heart and your dreams, and not to let anyone talk you out of them...


Now is the time to admit to you, that even though I told you a few posts back that my husband I were returning to Europe in the fall, and would NOT be visiting Paris... well... our dreams continue to only be fulfilled in ONE place... we just made our reservations for 10 days in September.

Here's the apartment we will be staying in this fall.

Isn't that the chicest place you've ever seen?????? BONUS... for the first time, after four different apartments, we will have a door to the bedroom. We may never even shut it, but just the thought of a door, makes us feel oh, so, special~

Yes, some of our friends and family have rolled their eyes when they found out we were once again returning to Paris. I don't know why they are surprised, when we keep telling them we are going to live there someday. Maybe just in our dreams, but hey, they are "our" dreams afterall!

C'est la vie!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We had an awesome time on our cruise...

Cayman Islands

Friends we went with...Mexico

The Black and White Gals

Best Friends

Five day cruise... gained 3 pounds... I guess there's not as much walking around on "The Fun Ship" as there is in Paris :).

However, my mom broke her ankle in two places last night, so I will not be blogging for awhile.

I will check in with some of you periodically though! I'm sure reading blogs will continue to be my mom's favorite pastime, especially while she's laid up. We talk about Parisian Farmgirl and Tale of Two Cities like we are all best friends! LOL.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally... It's Spring Break!

Gone Cruisin'...

Check you on the flip side!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

London in Real Time

Too busy to blog in words...

So I'll V-log today!

First video... arriving in London on the Eurostar from Paris. Notice our energy, our excitement, our absolute confidence. It kinda shows you how difficult Paris can be, since we are SO excited about everything being in English.

About 15 minutes after this video was taken, we were on the Tube. Stop after stop went by, and everyone was getting off... soon the Tube was empty, except for one guy. He looked at us and said,
"Are you sure you are on the right line? You sound like tourists...and this line is going to the outskirts of London, and it's not a very nice area."

WE WERE SO ON THE WRONG LINE... our confidence was dashed!!!!!!

Next video... taken at dinner, an hour or so before we had to make it back to the station and catch the train back to Paris. We were really, really, tired... but I was getting my Fish-n-Chips no matter what!!!

Last but not least... my big PAYOFF. I've wanted to have Fish-n-Chips somewhere beside Epcot for a long time... and here it is!

So... hope you've enjoyed "London in Real Time." Yes, my goofiness knows no bounds!

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