Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giveaway Winners

Okay girls... giveaway comments closed.  

A few minutes ago, I signed onto blogger, and there were three comments that had been sitting there that hadn't been moderated yet.  I usually publish comments as they come to my email.  I don't know why these didn't show up.  When I moderated those comments, they jumped in ahead of some of you that I'm sure thought you had won.

Oh the pain... I just can't stand to leave only a few people out... so... lets have a toast...

EVERYONE that commented gets a postcard!  Scott says it's only right considering how sweet, supportive, and awesome all of you were when we recently went through our health scare.

So here are the winners...  

Tale of Two Cities

You all need to send me your address asap to

The following people are also getting a postcard... but I have your addresses :)


I will be looking for everyone's addresses when I get to Paris... in a few hours! 
 Hey, it seems like a few hours when you've been waiting a year to return!


High Heeled Life said...

Wishing you and Scott a ost wonderful time you have so much to celebrate!!

I'm so happy to be among these other wonderful winners!!! And how wonderfully sweet of you to share a little Paris with us .... XO HHL

Jenny said...

YOu are so sweet and generous! Both you and dear Scott. I will consider you wonder woman if you even blog once. I know you should just be savoring each Paris moment possible and simply report back when you get home to relive it with the rest of us...if you can be so honored. Shop til you drop, relax by the Seine, rest in a beautiful park and please enjoy an extra pastry for me (Chausson aux pomme is my favorite). Bon voyage mes amis (sp)!!

JBeaudetStudios said...

It sounds like you're having a wonderful time already! Of course you're in Paris! The flea markets sound like so much fun and I suddenly have a craving for a cafe. I'm so happy I won! I really never win anything! Thank you! Can't wait to hear about more from Paris!
Take Care!

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