Monday, December 5, 2011

A Little Update...

Ok...this is crazy.  I haven't blogged in month to be exact.  I clicked on here just now, and the whole posting platform looks totally different!  Something happened while I was MIA from blogland.  I have posted a few You Tubes though.  So fun.

The reason I haven't blogged is because I haven't had time to READ blogs, and I feel funny sending stuff out there into space, when I'm not responding much to any of you.  I do read when I can, but usually I'm on my iPad, and when I try to comment, sometimes it gives me fits, and I just skip it.  

Not much has been going on.  On the one hand, Scott is doing so much better.  We have decked out the house and yard, we fried turkeys and hosted Thanksgiving here at our house.  

We strung new lights in the pool room in preparation for New Years Eve.  We haven't had a party here in years, but Scott goes off of 8 of his 10 Rx's on Dec. we are celebrating with family and friends.  Actually, I don't think I've even let my family know yet :).  I will tell you more about the menu we planned on another fun!

On the other hand, every 10 days or so, Scott has a minor setback.  We are out of the woods with the cancer, but the side effects of the radiation are slowly taking effect.  The first year is the we are hopeful.  His energy is returning though, and that's a huge bonus!  We put on some Christmas music yesterday, made some fresh iced tea, opened all the sliding doors, and wrapped presents together for 2 1/2 hours.  Tiring, but feels so good to have all that done.  I would say I'm 75% finished with shopping.  

The weather has been to die for the past month.  Everyday is an absolute beauty.  The next 7 months are what make living in Florida so desirable.  We spent the day after Thanksgiving at the nice for a change of scenery.  We are so blessed to live near one of the top ten beaches in the country...Siesta Key in Sarasota.  If you're ever in our neck of the woods, it's a must do :)

So...let's grandkids continue to grow...

We had a ridiculous party for Twilight-Breaking Dawn and I went to the midnight showing with my daughters and friends.  Don't ask me anything about it, I hid my eyes through most of it :). 

Through some weird twist of fate, I am the party giver for each time a new Twilight movie premiers, and also when a new DVD comes out.  I told the girls it was almost over, and they told me I have to do the Hunger Games Trilogy parties too!!!  Seriously???

So that's my update!  I will check back again before Christmas.

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