Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things Are Happening...

Until I went to Paris for the first time back in 2006 I have to say,

I really didn't like to travel.

I like home...

home is the best...

staying home, or close to it, was "playing it safe"...

and yet, if I had stayed home, or gone somewhere I'd been before, my life would not be anything like it is now. The same year I went to Paris, I had an opportunity to go to

South America...

and Japan...

So much changed for me that year and a half, including how I feel about travel. I learn a lot about myself everytime I go somewhere. It's like a gift each time... to be unwrapped, and explored.

So... there's a lot on the horizon (God willing, as always) and my bags are packed in my mind.

Hope you'll join me this spring, summer, and fall. Here's a preview...

Cruising the Caribbean...

Throwing a wedding in Peru for this man and his fiance...

Going back to Europe...

I know it's going to shock you, but I think we will be going somewhere different than Paris. I think we've got Paris down pat, and it's time to go for it in another country or two. We haven't chosen where yet. We have an opportunity we can't refuse which I'll share later. Sometimes when an unexpected opportunity presents itself, you gotta go for it! Wow, have I ever changed!

Scott has thrown my "play it safe" plan out the window... THANK GOODNESS.


P.S. Never fear, I will be packing my Flip video camera with me!
Here's a quiet spot in the Luxembourg Gardens...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Someone's Going to Hollywood!

From a Mother's Heart...

I know all of you with adult children will get this. If you still have little ones at home, enjoy it... time really does fly!

I know the reason I was put on this earth.... I've never doubted it... it was to be a mom. A mom to these three kids...

I was pretty confident in my abilities to be a mom, even a good mom. I had a good example. But all that flew out the window as they became teenagers. All the control I had over their each and every move was over. I had to let them go... and I knew they were going into a really different world than I grew up in. It was hard. It still is hard...

As I sat in church yesterday, my eyes filled with tears. Reality hit. My son is moving... not like when he moved to college, that was easy... now he is really moving... far, far away, to a place that... well... has a reputation. Over and over in my head questions loomed...

Have I told him everything I need to?

Have I taught him everything I should have?

Have I been a good enough example?

I always knew this day was coming. He's had his eyes on Hollywood forever. In fact, he's often told me, "Mom, the day I saw Jurassic Park, was the day I KNEW I wanted to make movies." He was five years old at the time. He's never wavered one bit. I'm so glad he has a passion... not everyone is lucky enough to find their passion so early.

(On a movie set in Florida)

So Thursday afternoon, Wes and Scott will load up in his car, and begin the cross-country trek from Florida to California. I know as soon as they drive off, I will feel better. I've given him to the Lord (again ;).
It's time for him to go... he's SO ready to go... he needs to go.
Scott will help him unload at his apartment in North Hollywood, and catch a plane home... Wes will begin looking for a job, and that will be that.

Another milestone passed...

So, it's off to Los Angeles... the City of Angels... and I've prayed a whole pack of them to surround him!

Good Luck Wes... I know you're gonna love it, and I know you'll do great!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paris in Real Time

I have always marveled at how quiet the city of Paris is... but there are beautiful sounds everywhere that capture the essence of the city...

Here are a few of my favorites...

From our apartment. Oh how I wish I could hear this sound on a daily basis...

From the steps of Sacre Coeur. We've seen this guy 2 years in a row. I could sit here for hours... and often do. I marvel that he hauls this harp up and down these steps. One late night Scott and I took a bottle of Champagne to these steps and sat gazing at the city... seriously... I felt like I was in a novel...

Okay... close your eyes or you might get vertigo... but aren't these French guys the CUTEST? I just adore them ;)

Oh gee... now I miss it more than ever!


Monday, March 15, 2010

A Favorite Spot

Scott and I are sitting here, and he has been telling me how I haven't done a Paris post in awhile... he's so right.

So together we decided I should blog about our favorite little restaurant in Montmarte on Rue Lepic. It only has about 10 tables, sits at the top of a steep hill, and we found it quite by accident
(as usual)
but we LOVE it.

Just a few shots... we are drooling...



Night shot

So if you're ever in Paris, give this spot a whirl... you won't be disappointed!

The service is great, the food excellent, and the ambiance...
to die for!

Happy Eating~

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out of Touch

Hey friends...

Been so out of touch. My daughter has been really sick. Visits to the doctor and finally the emergency room led to no definitive diagnosis, but I'm believing that to be a blessing. Considering the alternative, sometimes no news is good news.


Two things are making me really happy today...

(1) Lexi is finally feeling better and returned to school this morning!!!!


(2) SPRING is in the air!

Will be blogging soon!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Fabulous Product

I have gotten so many comments on my short videos, that I decided to post another one. I sent this impromptu video to Deanne, my oldest and dearest friend in the whole world, a few weeks ago, and decided to share it with you. She loves organization as much as I do, thus... me sending her this silly video.

Here we are... someday I'll do a post about her... she it truly one of a kind, and I only have one question... has she always been this tall, or am I shrinking???

The video is self explanatory. I love to be organized and I love it when I can open my purse and put my hands on something instantly! It makes me feel so pulled together, a feeling I relish because it's so rare!

If you want something like this... go to amazon, and type in Kwiki, or purse organizer. It has made my life SO MUCH easier... at least when it comes to my purse obsession. Plus, BONUS, they have gone down in price since I ordered mine last year.

Again, I am in no way associated with anything I show you. Just feel like passing on good info to my girls!

Have a great weekend~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Big Reveal...

So... big reveal #1... my London Wall!

Why do I call it my London Wall, when almost everything on my wall has to do with France? It's because I got the idea from Tracy Porter (click to see her version) and she calls her wall that, because it reminds her of London where the hotel walls are all full of lusciousness. I truly love Tracy, she inspires me everyday, and helps me look at life a little less seriously.

My wall doesn't have any real antiques... yet... but I love it so much because it was... drumroll... FREE!!!

Everything on the wall except the crown carving, ($5-TJMaxx) was already in my house. Don't you love repurposing and breathing life into things that were so-so on their own, but rearranged and refluffed...VOILA... a whole new situation! Of course this wall will grow and change as I add to it. The wall actually goes up 14 feet to an opening to the gameroom upstairs...
so I gotta LOT of wall to work with!

Sooooooooooo, hope you enjoy this short video. Sorry for the out-of-focus close-ups....oops!

Great day to you all... soon... reveal #2!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Almost There...

I am having trouble downloading new pics of my finished project... boo!

So instead I will have to tease you with some more mystery pics of a second project I've been working on...

Hoping to reveal both projects later this week... and now I'm getting embarrassed that I've built it up WAY too much! Oh well... it's coming soon anyway!!!

Love you all, and thanks for all the lovely comments about my granddaughter. You will soon meet my new grandson. Now that WILL be a big reveal...coming in June!

Does life get any better?

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