Saturday, November 5, 2011

Temporarily Going Backwards...

Thought I'd write a quick post.  Scott and I had an experience two weeks ago that was so awful, I thought I would share...LOL.

Cancer's gone...happy dance.  It's taken weeks for this news to really, really sink in.  I can't tell you why, but it didn't seem real.  I felt so guilty.  
Why was I not happier?  I think I had my happiness in reserve...secretly waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Well, last weekend it did.

Without going into ANY detail...I ended up rushing Scott to the emergency room on a Saturday night.  It was your typical Saturday night ER scene...not pretty.  It took FOREVER to be seen, and Scott was in excruciating pain!  They finally did one procedure to help him, and immediately, a different pain (worse) set in.  The morphine was ordered, but it took forever to show up. 
 It was the worst.

The ER doctor came in to tell us it was not at all what we thought (the thing he had been diagnosed with twice at the walk-in clinic).  He started talking about the effects of the radiation, the long term possibilities, etc.  I'm telling you, the entire room literally began to spin out of control in my mind, and a migraine simultaneously set in as well.  Just the word cancer took my breath away, and my peace.  The doctor was not in any way saying the cancer was back, but it was the main subject of our discussion.

We came home late that night...problem totally unresolved.  Pain, pain, pain.  We couldn't get into another doctor until 3 days later.  He couldn't even go to work.  FINALLY, we saw the doctor, (no help) and FINALLY I talked Scott into calling the cancer doctor (I think he was reluctant to open that can of worms back up).  He did... they had the remedy... they had a protocol  for this exact thing!  Within 48 hours...huge improvement!  He's fine now.  Back to work.

What's my reason for sharing this story?  Because after this experience (which felt like a huge flashback to last summer) our whole attitude has changed.  We are finally SO HAPPY, SO THANKFUL, to have a clean bill of health.  Seeing how quickly it was snatched away, made us realize once again to count each and every day as a huge gift. It's been a matter of readjusting our brain to normalcy.  Normal is good...boring is wonderful.  We ran errands last weekend, enjoying each and every moment.  We spontaneously decided up jump up and go to the movies Saturday night.  After church Sunday, we lounged around reading and napping. 

We feel like we got a new lease on life...and we LOVE it :)

So enjoy your day...enjoy your health... enjoy the world around you...and never, ever knock boring.

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