Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday in Paris

Today was another marathon day. Eight hours on foot...I'm so not kidding. We thought we were past doing this to ourselves but evidently not.
We started off at the Eiffel Tower to mail 19 postcards. Do you mind me telling you I'm beginning to hate that area of Paris? It's hard to get to, but I really wanted the postcards to have that postmark. Same as last year, only a self serve kiosk. Guess what? They only take credit cards with a European chip or CHANGE. Who carries around 20€ with of change? Not Teri and Scott! We ended up leaving...
with postcards.
We walked a million miles all over the Palais Royal, and the Opera area. We went into lots of shops and dept. stores. We finally ended up on the Champs Elysees to buy perfume for Parisienne Farmgirl (only found the Dior my dear, they didn't have the other, but I will keep my eyes open) and right down from there was an open postal WITH a real person. He was quite mailed from the Champs Elysees! (please pronounce with a French accent, or it sounds so yucky).
We did have the most wonderful Onion Soup today, and of course I had to order pomme frites on the fav!
So I leave you with one photo..because I can't download on the French computer, and my iPad only let's me choose one (at least that's all I've figured out).
Fashion trend alert... It's all about FUR, and Leopard. Every single shop window has fur, fur, fur. This is my fifth fall in Paris, and I can tell you this is a new trend. I am looking for a new leopard purse...can't wear much fur in Florida!
This is in a vintage shop in the Palais Royal...yes...the one Rachel Zoe's BANANAS :)

The photo just disappeared, so I will send it in a post all by itself,


Meagan said...

Did you try everything on like Rachel Zoe does? I think that you need that coat. It could be your signature look for fall!

char said...

Meagan and Teri, I want that coat, although it does look tiny. It is so cute. Many years ago I had the cutest leopard jacket and I wish I had saved it. Look for one in the vintage shops and call me.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Can't wait to see what fashion item you come home with!


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