Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday in Paris

My ever caring mother has filled us in that there are terror threats in here is my report, live, from the scene...

Eiffel tower...yesterday we were at Notre Dame, and tons of police cars were rushing in big groups somewhere. I told Scott I bet something has happened. We just heard from mom that the E.Tower was evacuated. We are also seeing patrols everywhere...some police, some military. Today our train was stopped in the middle of our trip back into town from the flea market. They made some big announcement, in French of course, everyone looked annoyed, and got off. We followed suit, and found a way home on a diff. line. There were cops all over...not normal.

The weirdest thing is there is NOTHING on the TV! Oh well. It seems it would be on the station we watch. It's 24/7 French news in English.

We went to the flea market today and it was a dream. I got about 6 things I've been searching for in the US for over 2 years, and of course they are better now b/c they are from France. I was channeling Tracy Porter ALL day. I got an old silver gallery tray, a small oil painting for my London wall (approx. 5x7 w/ 2 in frame around) 2 French people statues (8 in), a white bust of a woman, and an old oval copper casserole! I managed to "deal" with the French, and offer less money, and they were happy to accept. NO ONE spoke English all day. Many times they would say something to Scott and I, and as we stared blankly, uproarious laughter would break out around us...apparently we were the brunt of all jokes today. Scott almost ordered lamb and kidney skewers. I insisted getting out the French/English dictionary before he ordered...we ran away quickly...but it did smell good. Suffice it to say we had HAM sandwiches at the HAM fair and even ordering that was funny.  WE don't think we are funny, but a lot of french people do! 

There are some great videos from the flea market, but they will have to wait. to the steps that overlook the entire city, then some Onion Soup.

I posted a pic of some of my finds on the next post.  This trip is a blogging nightmare, but I'm trying...



char said...

Loved your live and upfront newscast. It is on TV all day and they keep showing people leaving the Eiffel Tower.
Now, you are the only ones who have experienced such a thing. Love the things you got at the Ham Fair and love what you had for lunch.
Have a glass of wine for we boring Floridians on the steps tonight. I am almost jealous.

Girl Meets Paris said...

What is so weird is that we watched the Eiffel Tower twinkle last night from the Arc de Trioumph (sp). We were going to go over there to see it up close and changed our minds. We would have been in the big middle of the evacuation. They finally mentioned it on the news a few minutes ago. Thankfully our apt. is in a french building, not a hotel or where you would expect Americans to be.

Girl Meets Paris said...

Also Mom, I thought of you...I remember you always buying art and stuff on your vacations. My painting is so sweet, and I think good quality! Now...if I set up my paint set in Montmartre, I would be exactly like you and Sue! LOL.

char said...

That would be a young version of me. It is fun to bring home something you truly want instead of a t-shirt. I can't wait to see your treasures.

Meagan said...

I'm so glad that you are having a good time and that the pig farm was a success. I can't wait for you to get home so that we can see everything that you bought.

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