Thursday, September 9, 2010


I don't know why I'm blogging again.  I often rethink things I write.  So here's another post I will rethink tonight.  The reason is because I so want to be an encouragement to others... mainly through inspiration (Paris) or laughter.

I just have to say... I know there are people going through  horrible things all over the world.  I in NO way want to imply that I think my plight is any worse than any other.  It's just... my plight...  a wife going through uncertainly about her husband.

Yesterday was a day of tests... today is a day of waiting, and tomorrow may be the same thing.  What have I chosen to do on a day like this?  

*Took my daughter to school.
*Took a long walk.  There is a small lake in my neighborhood, and I went over there and walked around it.  It was so peaceful.
*Answered a million emails and made some calls.

All the while, listening to... drum-roll... CHRISTMAS music.  Don't ask why... I have no explanation, other than Christmas music is so promising.  It just oozes happiness and joy.  I'm listening to artists from the 60's.  
The Rat Pack to be exact.  So fun.

One thing that keeps going through my mind, is a statement I heard echoing through my grandmother's house many, many times... "Like sands through an hourglass... so are the Days of Our Lives."  

It had me thinking... many days are overloaded with fun, many with sadness, and many with uncertainty...

I'm really getting serious here... so let's move on...

Just found out, I'm going to miss a MAJOR exhibit in Paris by only 11 days.  I am sick about it... can barely think of missing it by so little, but still... I will miss it.

Le Musée Carnavalet brings to life the story of Louis Vuitton—oui, Louis!—from October 13, through February. (So you don’t have to hightail it up to the private museum in Asnières to learn about the brand).

Upon reading this, I researched Asnieres.  From what I've gathered, it's a town 25 min. from Paris, and it is the birthplace of Louis Vuitton handbags.  There's a house and everything!!!! 

The family home...

The Travel Museum...

 Wonder how Scott might feel about that outing????? 

Photos taken from here
Remember, authentic Louis Vuitton handbags are sold exclusively at retail stores or their official website.  The French hate a knock-off!


myletterstoemily said...

i get such a kick out of your vuitton
love affair! they are such lovely bags.

scott will probably take you any old
place you want.

he is in my prayers each night.

Cathi said...

That sounds like a wonderful outing to me!

I love listening to Christmas music this time of year...when my daughter was in jr. high and had a bunch of her friends in the car, I'd put on the Christmas music..she would just roll her eyes at me, but her friends loved it!


Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I was just reading back in your blog and I'm so sorry to hear about will all be in my prayers and thoughts.

char said...

I'm thinking of getting Christmas With the Kranks this week from Netflix. It just sounded like a good idea for a lift. Maybe I will laugh instead of eat.

Stress = pounds....Laughter burns them off!


High Heeled Life said...

Oh my dear..from someone who has been in Scott's position ~ albeit for different reasons ~ one thing that I have always said to people when they say "Wow .. mine is nothing compared to what you went through" ~ I say " Yours is SOMETHING, and yes others have their horrible hurdles to cross too - But never forget that the size of a hurdle is all relative to the one going through it!"

So my friend ~ should you need to vent know that you can email me anytime. I will not have the answers you need and search for ~ but I will have compassion for the pain you are going through and try to keep your spirits lifted.

Now .. about Paris what a wonderful thing to have to look forward to!! And we will be here waiting to read about your spectacular advetures!!! Hugs, Blessings and prayers .. HHL

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