Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday in Paris


It's Wed. morning, but last night I was just too tired to post.

Today started out with a trip to a basket store and a basket purchase. Thank you so much Debi@ Tale of Two Cities. She was in Paris last week and mentioned she saw some market bags by a friend's place. Since Scott and I had struck out, I asked her to send me the street name. She actually emailed her friend in Paris...the friend took her camera, took pics of the store so I could see the types of bags, came home, downloaded and emailed the pics to Debi who emailed them to me! Aren't Bloggers THE nicest people?

She mentioned she wasn't sure of the quality. These bags have been hanging outside awhile, but don't you just love the patina of this bag? It looks old... I love the one I chose, and bonus, it was only 12€. I posed the bag just for this photo when I saw the brown bridge. That's the Seine of course and Notre Dame to the left.

We started out yesterday at 11am. We were determined not to kill ourselves, come in early and relax, go out for a late dinner, and get up all rested and refreshed for today...the Pig Fair day. So, in our true fashion, we stayed out nonstop until 11pm! We finished the night in true fashion as well. We went down in the metro, and Scott was so sure of the line and the direction and connection we needed, we did not double check the map like we always do. We got on the train, got all situated and began riding home. It was at least 15 stops to our connection. I got this feeling something wasn't quite right. At one point I looked over at a stop, and covering the walls was the most beautiful painting of the French at war...we had never seen this. Suffice it to say we rode ALL the way across Paris to catch our connection, that had actually been 2 stops the other direction from where we got on. We just shook our heads.

We did so much, and saw so much, and relaxed so much, that we both agreed this was one of the most wonderful days we've ever had. We fell into bed last night!

I truly have so much fun stuff to blog, but it will have to wait. Hopefully, you will all continue reading over the next few weeks as I unfold our experiences, and of course I have some great photos and a few pitiful videos to go along with these future posts. We don't do anything with style and grace...we seem to always be clunking through Paris! to the flea market. We have to catch the RER...a system we've never been able to goes nothing!
Will post tonight...

P.S.  I did buy a fur piece in a vintage shop yesterday in the Marais.  Scott says it is a purchase I will regret... but hey... it was only 5euro!


High Heeled Life said...

Bonjour Mon Ami,
J'dore the easy going way you and Scott approach your days in Paris!!

Can't wait to return that city and also explore the southern part of France, next year. But for know I will live through your journey...XO HHL

*Simply Colette* said...

I'm so excited for you! Love hearing about Paris Live! :) Looking forward to the postcard... xoxo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Yippee! You found your purse--I think it's a great find!! How fun for friends around the world to be helping you make your basket dreams come true.

You keep me anticipating more--I love your blogs, live from Paris!


JBeaudetStudios said...

It sounds like such a great place! Thanks for the fashion alert about animal print! Jennifer:)

mya said...

Sounds like you are managing to put alot into a day. Unexpected routes can sometimes be rewarding, so I am glad you could both shake your heads and laugh.
While I am at the green grocer with my market bag (better known as the produce section of Publix, with me plastic shopping basket) I will think of you both.

Cathi said...

Yeah, you found the basket. That was one thing that I truly wanted to get too, but never found it there. Glad you did!

Loving your daily Paris posts....I was in that exact spot where you took the basket photo...It is so fun to actually recognize a few places..!! Enjoy! xxoo :)

Meagan said...

I love that picture. I can't wait to see what you got from the vintage store.

Jenny said...

woo-hoo. Y'all are dong great taking in every bit you can. It would be my style too. I can't thank you enough for all you are sharing. Debi is awesome and yes!!! the blogging community, as I have thankfully experienced it, is generous, joyful, and encouraging...a true community. Y'all be safe. I remember my first mission trip back in '93 there was terrorist troubles in Paris and it was a bit intimidating to see the soldiers guarding the Metro with machine guns in hand, but the French knew what they were doing. I truly hope you share even more of y'all's adventures as I am sure your days are jammed full. God bless you both.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi I came over via Jenny's Blog - Pleasant places ... How wonderful of Debi and her friend to do this for you .. I adore Paris and have just returned . I have lots of blogger friends there, who I have actually met up and they have been over to England too and been and stayed with me, and I stay with them now.. All through blogging :-)

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