Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paris Shoe Shopping

Hey girls... will blog about my weekend when I get my pics downloaded.

For now, you will have to make do with a little bit of Paris shopping...

So you know how I told you the best things in Paris are accidental? The day I found this shoe store was so not planned. We were wandering around trying to find the Le Whif store, and we came across this cool passageway, and in it were some cool shops. At the end of the row, well, I found something quite exciting. The coolest shoe shop ever!

Before you watch these videos, let me just say, I have the most generous husband alive, and I rarely take him up on his offers of fabulousness. I have no idea what comes over him in Paris, but he is willing to buy me anything. I've taken him up on it a few times, but usually I just smile and appreciate the offer!

Here we go...

Now, between this video and the next one, Scott told me to go inside and look around. He wasn't joking!!!!!!! He would've bought me a pair, and I could tell he was kinda disappointed I didn't take him up on it. I will admit, late that night in bed, I was having a moment of regret, but NOTHING like the regret I would've felt when my Visa bill arrived...back in Florida...with 90 degree heat and tons of rain...not the place for suede boots I must admit! I seem to imply in the video that the only reason I didn't get the boots, was that they were too tall. I hope you know me better than that by now.

So this was my exciting moment in glamorous shoe land. Hope you enjoyed it.

Getting my flip-flops on to run some lunch money up to my daughter's school... oh the fabulous life I lead ;) ...



Bonjour Madame said...

I'm dying. Did you try them on?

The Flying Bee said...

OMGsh Teri! I love your videos! I would love to just hang out with you for one afternoon!!! I just know we would hit it off and laugh the whole time! Thanks for sharing these with us...I can't believe you didn't take your hubby up on his offer!

Oh, and go by my blog....I'm having my first giveaway! Yay!!!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Just two nights ago I passed by Christian Louboutin here in London. Drool, drool, and I like you, am way too practical to really buy a pair, but I bet my husband would buy a pair for me in a heartbeat if I'd let him. He's just like Scott! The last time I gave in to his indulgences was in Paris this summer when he bought me a Chanel purse. That was way more than I would ever have done for myself. I asked him to watch your video--he laughed, and then suggested we need to meet up someday in Paris. Now there's an idea!!
Headed back to Houston Friday where I'll be back in the 90 degree weather.
Take care,

Teri said...

I did not even try on a pair. Please picture this... I'm loitering outside, taking video of the store windows like a total geek. When I did go inside, I did it so timidly, I did not look like a customer, plus, there was another lady in there with at least 5 open boxes trying on shoes... she looked like she meant business.

The times I've taken Scott up on his Paris offers, all involved purses. I have hesitated to blog about it, but I might. It's actually really funny.

I guess in the end, purses are my thing over shoes...I feel like the CPW ("cost per wear") ends up less on purses than shoes. Maybe I'm too practical for my own good!!!!!


Simply Colette said...

Oh my! You are so cute, and Scott is such a sweetheart. Those clips made my morning! xoxo

Paris Pastry said...

How cool you made a video about this store?!?! I love walking through that hallway. I actually purchased my first Louboutins there a week ago (birthday gift).

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