Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Halloween Treat

Halloween... just the word brings back warm memories of childhood. You know...a big pillowcase for candy, homemade costumes, or just a 50 cent plastic mask from the dime store. My personal favorite was my Batman mask. I think I made my little brother go as Robin. Our entire costume consisted of the plastic mask, and a towel around our necks fastened with clothes pins, for our capes. Remember how hot those masks were? Am I totally dating myself here? Remember when your mom made you wear a coat over your costume? You cried and complained... never mind that it was in the 40's outside.

We love Halloween at my house. It's so much fun to dress up all crazy, eat candy corn until we are sick, see the adorable children walking up and down our street, piping scary music out into the front yard... it's just plain ole' fun. On Saturday night, friends will come over and we'll light the fire pit, and sit around the pool and talk.

So how can I make my Paris blog about Halloween? Never fear, I always have something Parisian up my sleeve... In 2006, on our first trip to Paris, we were there on Halloween night. We didn't see any trick or treaters, other than one family dressed up on the metro... and they were speaking English! But I did take a few shots that year, and this past year, that reminded me of Halloween things...

A cemetery in Montmartre. Notice the cats. Wouldn't want to be here at night.

There's a real live Guillotine in this bar. It's the last surviving one in France.

Not so scary pumpkins!

The Disney Store on the Champs Elysees.

Moving back now to my house for Halloween. As you come in the front door, this "scary" scene greets you in the entry.

So have a wonderful wacky weekend. I know I haven't been blogging much. I've had "blog-block"... I think it's similar to writer's block, which I have as well!

I'm worried too much about writing the "perfect post" or too worried about trying to figure out what people want to read. I was even thinking of quitting.

Then, today, I got an unexpected blog award. It was like a sign. I think I'll keep going, at least for now! I'm still reading all your blogs, and dreaming of mine being as heart-felt or interesting. I guess I'll just stick to being myself... afterall... it's all I got!


P.S. Thanks to my dad for taking pics of my Halloween Village. He made it look so good!


lancelonie said...

Beautiful photos! We are just beginning to enjoy Halloween!
Great post! :)

lancelonie said...

Beautiful photos! We are just beginning to enjoy Halloween!
Great post! :)

Cathi said...

Awesome photos! Don't quit, I love reading your blog...! Have a beautiful day! :)

The Flying Bee said...

Love the pics from Paris! Your Halloween village is so cute, well....cute and Halloween don't really mix do they? How about...scarey cute?

I know what you mean about not knowing what to write and wanting to quit, but don't worry, hopefully it won't last too long. :)

You're right....just be yourself! That is what I love about your blog, it is just you being you!

Have a great day!

Bonjour Madame said...

I love how the cats sit unafraid. Great photo! Please keep your blog. I go through this all the time. It's ok to take a break and I have found that when I do, ideas start flowing again. In case you didn't know it, your blog is fantastic!

LuLu said...

I'm cheering for you to just be yourself! You have a voice and I've loved looking into your life. and reading your posts... it's all good!
happy Halloween to YOU,

Post-Modern Jen said...

Hi Teri,
It must have been a little extra spooky being in Paris for Halloween, there's so much history there! Although, if noone really celebrates and there aren't really any costumed folk around, I guess it wouldn't be too bad. I'm glad you're planning to stick around the blogosphere-I was feeling the same way you were when I got the award. It really does give you some incentive to keep it up.

Meagan said...

I love the pictures!!

Simply Colette said...

Wonderful decorations! I love those photos, especially the tombstone with the cat. When I went to Philly, I couldn't stop taking pics of the cemetary. Creepy, but the they were so cool. :)

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