Friday, October 30, 2009

Paris in Real Time

As I said in my previous post, I was seriously considering quitting my blog...

I have to say, that I have had a very difficult time entering back into my day to day life, since I got back from Paris in Sept. To be honest, a lot of it has to do with the economy, and all the "stuff" going on in Washington. On the one hand, I need to stop watching the news, on the other, I feel like I have to know what's going on...

Not telling you which way I lean... it just seems like a big ole- mess, no matter which side of the aisle you are on.

I've been a little depressed, and I promised myself that my blog would never bring anyone down, so I've chosen to post very little since I returned. Then Post-Modern Jen sent me a blog award. I was so excited! It perked me up, and helped me decide to keep on for a while.

I have a million Parisian blogs up my sleeve... but some of them deal with minutia... (the small, precise, or trivial details of something). My husband says minutia is my favorite subject, and his worst nightmare. Ahhhh... the difference between men and women.

So anyway, here's the award. Thanks so much Post Modern Jen. I really needed this.

Jen called it a Heartfelt Award. I wanted to pass it on to some of my favorite blogs.

So ladies, pass this award along to some of your favorite blogs, link them, and let them know they've received it by commenting to them.

To everyone else, please give these blogs a click... they are awesome, and they inspire me day by day.

Here's another little piece of "Paris in Real Time"...
minutia if you will...

Scott didn't actually roast that chicken... we bought it...LOL.
Also, we've eaten in our apartments a few times over the years, so I have no idea why I said that...but we had never gone to this much trouble, as in figuring out how the oven worked to heat up the chicken, setting a nice table, lighting a candle, etc. Usually it was just a sandwich or bread and cheese. This was a very nice dinner and a special evening.

Almost makes me cry... I miss it.

Au revoir,


The Flying Bee said...

Teri...that it sooo funny! As I was watching the video, and it got to the part where you said Scott roasted the chicken himself I was like...Wow, what a great job! Then I read that you bought them! Ha Ha Ha!!! Thank you for making me laugh today! Oh, and thank you for my award! I will have to think of who to pass it on to.

Have a great day!

Meagan said...

That food looked so good. I love all of your videos.

Simply Colette said...

Aww, thanks so much! You can't leave. :) I totally understand how it goes. Btw, my job is a professional handholder as I work for a money management company and listen to CNBC for 8 hrs a day at work. You can imagine how wearing that can be after the past 2 years?! We all hit places in our lives were things get busy. But I look forward to your posts even if sporadic it will be a treat. :)

Bonjour Madame said...

Thanks Teri! You brightened my day!

P.S. To answer your question, the curtains are hung on the opposite wall almost at ceiling level. It's a wood rod with wood curtain rings and only one side of the rod has a finial, the other side of the rod ends at the end of the wall which is basically right next to the edge of that archway. It's tied back with a big tassel on a rope. I hope that helps.

LuLu & Co. said...

i understand what you mean about the news and Washington... ughh
thank you for the sweet award, and sharing your video and journey.

Patricia said...

Where else would we learn about the real Paris if you don't talk about the 'minutia'? Bring it on! :0)

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I know what you mean about missing hubby and I went 5 years ago...and still miss it...we plan to one day buy a small apartment in France after we gotta dream, right...and thank you so much for the sweet award.

Teri said...

Wow, Scott and I have the same dream. We love looking at the realtor windows as we walk through neighborhoods. It all seems like a dream, yet we stand there, discussing the options like it's a real possibility! We'll tell each other how one apartment is too small, or in the wrong neighborhood, or too expensive... it makes us laugh later, but while we are standing there, we are 100% serious!

Keep dreaming... we might be neighbors someday!


Jenny said...

Hello, I happily happened by your blog through (Bonjour Madame ala The Bunny Bungalow ala Tongue in Cheek) and I have enjoyed the couple of entries I have read and am coming back for more. I don't blog as I want but I love reading and commenting. Being connected while out in the boonies of Texas is an encouragement to me. My last few entries (yikes over a year span) also cover our blessed June 2008 French family adventures, and talk about minutae, I revel in it too. I too (like thousands I am sure) am a small town girl that feels at home in Paris. It is never overwhelming or cold to me as a big city yet, intimate and inviting. I am glad you will continue to blog. I appreciate your perspective.

Teri said...

Glad to have you Jenny!


P.S. I'm from Texas, and hope to get back there soon! Where in the boonies are you? My brother just moved outside of Dripping Springs... and he's really out in the boonies...dirt road and everything!

Jenny said...

Dripping Springs is a wonderfully located town. We are 45 minutes Northwest of Waco near Clifton Texas and from where we live it takes 10 miles of dirt road to get us to paved Hwy 6.

Cathi said...

I love reading your stories, so whatever you want to write about is fine by me!

I truly feel like I have taken a trip to Paris, thanks to you!

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