Friday, October 2, 2009

Bonjour Mes Amis!

Good Morning Friends~

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday, and are looking forward to a great weekend. We sure are, even though we are still playing catch-up. Yard mowing, flower bed weeding, pool algae... in Florida this stuff is year round! No break in the winter...but we don't shovel snow either!

Today is Metro Day. The metro in Paris has served Scott and I well over the past four years. We absolutely love it, and have only been lost once... this trip! Days later we realized we were at the correct stop all along, we just went out the wrong sortie (exit) and ended up on an unfamiliar street. That's what we get for changing apartments, and being in a unfamiliar neighborhood at midnight...

It's all good though. We think the metro is a masterful achievement, and if I lived in Paris, I doubt seriously I would ever own a car. I would take the metro during the week, and if I wanted to get out of town...I would take the train. I only missed my car a few times, like when I was SMASHED against people that have a different idea of hygiene than me, but that was rare, and only during the afternoon rush hour(s).

Here are a few shots I took. The music down there is incredible, and I grabbed my camera a few times to document it. I usually just walk right by these musicians, sometimes throwing a few euro in their box, but I'm so glad I took a few seconds to get it on tape.

Remember, these videos are VERY unprofessional, and I was being jostled sometimes in the crowd, AND I was trying to video discreetly...didn't want to look like a tourist! Needless to say as you watch this, I failed miserably at being discreet, but I sincerely hope you enjoy a peek... (and I don't have time to edit, nor a desire to learn how right bear with me).

So that's it for today. Hope these aren't too tedious to watch :) .

Have a wonderful weekend.

Your part-time Parisian/American friend~


Cathi said...

Have a wonderful weekend too...have really enjoyed your videos and stories! :)

The Flying Bee said...


How great was that! I love it! Who knew? A symphony in the metro! Gotta love Paris!

Bonjour Madame said...

I'm so glad you posted this because it's hard to explain in words. I absolutely loved the metro system and the music always surprised me. How the French can make even a mundane metro walkway a sublime experience is amazing.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

The Paris metro! What a marvelous creation.Like you, I find it extremely easy to get around, and being entertained along the way is a serendipity!

Happy weekend,

LuLu said...

I so enjoyed taking the trip to Paris with you and your hubby. I loved the videos and the music i heard! i can't wait... one day I will get to go to Paris... my husband promised me his next air show to Paris i can go too!
have a great day,

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