Monday, September 21, 2009

A Relaxing Day So Far

We've come home for Scott to have a quick glass of wine, use the facilities, and drop off our stuff. We packed up my Louis Vuitton, (it's large and was bought for this very purpose on another trip, we call her "The Louis") and Scott packed up his "man purse" and off we went. We had all kinds of plans...go to the huge cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried, or go to any variety of museums. Once we were off, we just got lost enjoying the maze of streets in our new neighborhood, and well, got some sandwiches and went back to Luxembourg Gardens, where we sat, read, sketched and watched the gendarmes tell people to get off the grass for hours. Call us slugs, lazy, whatever...we are in HEAVEN.

Due my recent, rather disturbing weight gain, I have begun taking the five flights of stairs up to the apartment, instead of the elevator. The first time was difficult, but the past 2 times were better. It might help some... Scott does not feel the need whatsoever.

Our 15 minute respite is over, so we are off to a tiny, cute, shoe boutique I saw this morning. The leopard pumps are calling my name. This neighborhood is full of decorator shops, and they are to die for. I am rethinking my whole "vintage" thing, as I look in these windows and see the men working away at recovering tiny Loius XV chairs and such. Love it! In one particular shop, they closed for lunch, and we could see them all sitting around a huge table in the shop, with tablecloth, cloth napkins, real dishes and glasses of wine. This practice fascinates us every time we see it. Oh, we are also now in the Latin Quarter, (called Latin from the old language, not the race of people), the University of Paris is around the corner, and there are old bookshops everywhere you look. The young dress so fashionably, yet thrown together. We keep seeing girls that remind us of our 14 yr. old. She would so fit in here...she is super thin and wears clothes very well. I am loving the looks so much, I'm thinking of taking my camera and shooting great outfits as they walk by. But I don't think any of them come in my new size.....XXXXXXXXXXL.

We are back. We went to the shoe luck. They don't have half sizes, and I was between a 37-38. We then roamed around some more, and ended up picking up dinner at a French/Chinese shop. I have a tummy ache, but that did not stop me from eating VERY spicy chicken and rice.!

Here are 2 silly videos. We are sitting in a cafe on Il. St. Louis, right across from Notre Dame. I stop mid sentence in the first video, and you'll see why in the second video. I look TERRIBLE in all these videos, and for some reason I don't care! HA.
Watch at your own risk.

There you have it folks. video or blog post. We are off to London at 8am and won't get back to Paris until 11pm. I think I will just leave my video camera behind...


Ta Ta for now.


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Oh Ter.... how jealous I am....

Have fun!


Simply Mel said...

oh I am so will be embarking on one of my favorite things to do....take the chunnel train from Paris to London! So civilized and divine! ENjoy!

LuLu said...

thanks for the water tip! I hope to need it very soon!

Patricia said...

Ah, I forgot you are going to London! I'm looking forward to finding out how it all goes! Have fun!

The Flying Bee said...

Thanks for your sweet comments today!

LOL! My hubby and I watched this one together and just laughed about the water! Who wants to pay for water?!

Have fun tomorrow!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Let's hear it for tap water! Hooray! Un carafe d'eau, s'il vous plait.

Enjoy London....

Diane said...

Hope your trip to London is
Fab-u-lous! Can't wait to hear.

Kelly J said...

I hear ya on the paying for water thing. Your videos are cracking me up! You haven't changed a bit, still a hoot. Okay so for my big news: MY PARIS POSTCARD CAME MY PARIS POSTCARD CAME!!! It is gracing my fridge as we speak and I am lovingly touching it every time I walk by it. LOL Thanks so much for doing the giveaway, Teri, it really made my day to get that card from you!! *smooch*! Lovin' the blog too!

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