Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Stuff

There are SO many things I wish to say and write about...I guess I'll do that bit by bit when I get home.

The Flea Market was a bust.... HUGE CONFESSION HERE... I know most of my friends in Blogland love vintage stuff. I get it.. I understand it... but it's just not me. Don't get me wrong, if LuLu or my sister-in-law Lori redid something vintage, and put all cool shiny paint on it, and made it one of a kind, and...okay....made it smell newish...I would love it! But my experience with vintage is I buy it, put it in a drawer, or closet, and it never, ever sees the light of day again.

We did go to the market, but to me...well...if I could afford it, it looked like junk :) We got there at opening time, and almost no one was there yet. By the time it got going, it started to rain. We were done....Please don't hate takes all kinds to make a world right? Even though I'm not a shopper at all, I do LOVE the smell of a brand new Louis Vuitton purse, or the smell of cologne in a department store...Nuff said!

BUT the day was fabulous! We did tons of great stuff. More later. We are packing at this moment to move DOWNTOWN to another apartment for week two. We are leaving Montmartre to an apartment in the CHIC part of excited!!! Reports coming soon.

I have SO many short videos to share. I'll just pick a few are two. One is from the day we arrived, when I made Scott take the train, and haul our bags UPHILL to our apartment. The other is later that night, after his recovery, in a restaurant in Montmartre. Just wanted to show some atmosphere~

Au revior,

P.S. One postcard already arrived...waiting to hear from the other three :)


Bonjour Madame said...

OMG, strangers are looking at your husband in amazement and pity for what he had to haul!! Poor guy! Love the cafe though and looking forward to week two.

Patricia said...

You guys are so clever - 2 weeks, 2 different apartments, 2 different parts of town! I wish we could do that sometime, it makes so much sense!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

These doggone posts are so great, you're saving us all airfare to Paris! It's like we're right there with you!! :)



Diane said...

I agree with Ruth. It's like I'm on vacation without leaving my home --- well, sort of :)

Enjoying this trip with you so much!

Cathi said...

love the cafe and the sounds - wonderful! it truly is like we are there with you. I left you an inspiring blog award on my blog. Looking forward to your next installments...have fun!

The Flying Bee said...

LOL! Scott was really hauling those bags! This would so be me and my hubby! He would be pulling luggage and I would just be filming and talking on the video camera! Ha Ha! Love it! He looked much happier that night at the cafe.

And I am so sorry you didn't really enjoy the flea market. That is something I have been dreaming of doing some day. It's just not your thing and that's okay. :) At least you can say you tried it out.

Again, is so thoughtful of you to be doing this for all of us. You could just totally forget all about this and just do nothing and the fact that you are taking the time to include us and share with us means so much to me and I know to everyone else, too.

Thanks so much to you both. Enjoy your second week. I look forward to reading and seeing more!

Au revoir!

LuLu said...

I'm having the best time traveling with you!!!
I'll take you shopping to my favorite vintage places... cause i too am picky flea markets!
can't wait for what's next!

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