Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Counting Down...


~~~~I never write in French on my blog, because I don't want to take time to figure out the accents, and I hate it when it's not correct...such a faux pas! But since I'm leaving in a few short days, a little French seems appropriate, n'est-il pas, (is it not)? {Please, if that's wrong, don't tell me!}

I am truly on overwhelm. It's not the trip that's putting me on overwhelm...

it's getting my life ready for me to be absent from it, that is putting me over the edge.

So many details to attend to. Scott and I planned this trip last January. Sitting in that cute little restaurant, with our computer, all those months ago, a 2 week stay seemed entirely do-able. Now being gone 2 weeks seems crazy! Some things have changed in our lives, that make the timing a little off. But off we shall go, God willing.

For Paris, all I really need is a passport, a debit card, jeans, t's, jackets, scarves, and I'm out the door (oh, I need Scott too). It's really a no-brainer. I don't stress anymore about what to take.

I know most of you are gasping right now.... JEANS...in Paris? Yes, it's entirely appropriate, and oh so chic when paired with sweaters, jackets, and scarves. Sometimes my nerve gets going, and I even wear a hat. Truth be told, it's more about bad hair and cold weather than fashion...but I try to pull it off as if wearing a hat is an everyday event in my life.

Here are a few hat and scarf hits and misses...



Can you tell I'm rambling? It's because my life feels like it's going in a million directions, and I have to pull it all together in the next 3 days, so I'll be ready. But here I sit, in bed, blogging about hats!!!!!


This might be the last post before I leave, so there is one thing I have to take care of...

Remember when I said I would post my weight, and we will see if I gain or lose after eating and living like a Parisian for 2 weeks? Well...drumroll...I actually had my yearly check up today, and they weighed me. So, as of today, I weigh 117. That is about 3 pounds over my "ideal" weight. Truth be told... my ideal weight used to be 110, but that ship sailed a long time ago, and will never come back into harbor. So there's my weight. I'll report my findings when I get back, and we'll see how I do. Remember, I will not watch what I eat. The food's just too good to worry about such things when over there.

Whew... glad that's out of the way!

I printed out the addresses of the winners from my giveaway, and they are tucked away in my travel purse. We will go to the Eiffel Tower on Monday, and get those postcards mailed! Scott is so concerned about that. He keeps mentioning it, like Price-Waterhouse will come get us if we don't get the winners their prize.

Here's the last thing, and I'm off to watch my nightly episode of Andy Griffith, (hey, it calms me and helps me sleep). I am taking my laptop to Paris. I have no idea if I will blog or vlog or even if the Internet connection will be any good. So check back often, and if there aren't any new posts every couple days, you'll know it's because things aren't working out, computer-wise.

So if you are a praying gal, pray for a safe journey for us. I hope this trip will give me lots of future blog posts... all about the city of light...

Au revoir~


Patricia said...

Bon voyage Teri! I think it's such a great idea to compare your weight before and after your Paris trip. I wish you and Scott a safe journey and looking forward to reading all about it afterwards (or maybe during!).

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Yes Bon voyage Teri! I'm a praying gal... so I will be praying for a safe journey for you & Scott! & That all goes well at home while you are away! Tell Scott Thank You so much for thinking of us! I cant wait to receive my postcard!! I hope you are able to blog while there! It will be so fun to read about it! Hugs ~ Teresa

The Flying Bee said...


I am so excited for you and Scott! I will be praying for a safe trip! I can't wait to hear all about this trip. Have fun!


LuLu said...

I'm a praying gal and will keep you in my prayers for a safe journey. You look fantastic in hats! Can't wait to hear all about it and eat something yummy for me!

Simply Colette said...

Price-Waterhouse... so funny! I am looking forward to the post card, but will not come after you if something happens. ;) So excited for you!!! I think scarfs are the only essential for Paris. :)

And congrats on your weight!! I'm under 5'2" petite and have not seen 117 in about 4 years. I'm so jealous!


a Tale of Two Cities said...

Have a fabulous time in Paris, and may all your latest dreams come true. As for Paris attire, I can take 2 pairs of black pants, and I'm set for the week. I know I'll never be a fashion diva while I'm there, but comfort is the name of the game when you're out from dawn to dusk. May the twinkles of the Eiffel Tower sparkle down on you....


Meagan said...

Have fun on your trip!! We'll miss you. If you make a video, say hi to Leila in it. She'll be so excited.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hi Teri,
Love your adventurous spirit. I just read "The Flying Bee" and she said great things about you. So I had to stop by and check you out. Glad I did:)

char said...

Hi everyone,
Teri and Scott left this morning and she was "oh, so chic" in her little black dress set off by a Merlot colored jacket. Her new hair cut completed the Parisian look nicely. I have no idea what Scott wore but I bet no on really wondered.

Teri said...

That is so funny Char...
It's 12:30am and I just woke up from what feels like a nights sleep. I'm typing this on my iPod. Hopefully I'll post tomorrow!
Bon Nuit

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