Wednesday, September 23, 2009

London...A Jolly Good TIme

London is worth many, many blogposts... maybe later!

As I write this, the courtyard is alive with action. It's 7:30pm, and a lot of people are home. It's a window to the world...

I can't go into detail of London right now....but I loved it so much. I have so many crazy videos. Actually, I'm beginning to think Scott and I are oddballs. We find the dumbest things funny. There are so many, but I will only show a few. I'm sure my life isn't that interesting to strangers...I will save the rest to bore my FAMILY with!

Funny thing...we were walking along in London, and I said to Scott, "Oh, my good friend told me to go to Trafalger Square." He said, "Who?" I started laughing when I realized it was my BLOG friend from 'Tale of Two Cities'...we've never met, but I was calling her my good friend!!!! It's funny how I see things, and think of certain ones of you.

In all my video posts, I've tried to show you places you haven't seen, or a view you haven't seen on a travel show. One of these videos is for my granddaughter, Leila, who's will figure out which one.

We saw the changing of the guards from a distance, and then were SO lucky to be on a side street to see the new ones marching in. A much better and closer view. This was my favorite patriotic!

In the last video you see...I look so awful, but I had been up 18 hours, walked a MILLION miles, gone from one country to another and back...and just when we thought we were minutes from home... well... you'll see...I was feeling a little 'punchy' as they say.

I just noticed the last video is downloading below this post. Please go down there, watch it, and then continue to read from here...

Okay...I know that was totally from the Twilight Zone, but that is where I felt I was last night. This is vacationing in it's rawest form. They say if your marriage can survive a foreign country, then you know it's strong. We should be married for the next 100 years. We got lost because we don't know our new neighborhood very well. We got off at St. Sulpice, instead of St. Placide. What a difference one stop can make~

No time wasted here...while these videos were downloading I made a list of 6 vintage shops I want to visit tomorrow. Yes, I know what I said about vintage, but these are shops with Chanel, LV, Dior and such. I don't know why, but I feel I must go. Scott says I'm on my own... we'll see!


P.S. I could barely zip my jeans this morning... I need an intervention!!!!!!!!!


Simply Colette said...

Hi Teri!

Looks like you are still having a wonderful time! I enjoy the clips very much. I have not received my postcard yet, but haven't checked my mail today. I know it can take a long time. I'll email you my address now. Thanks dear friend!


Bonjour Madame said...

Cannot wait to hear about the vintage stores you visit. I found a couple of really good ones right by each other in the Palais Royal.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oh Teri,
How you make me laugh! Probably because I've been lost past the"bewitching hour" in Paris myself in years past. It sounds like you packed a lot into one day in London. Having you call me your friend warmed my heart. I just have this feeling that we are destined to meet someday. Look how close we came this time, with me leaving London just one day before you arrived. I have so many Paris experiences that would be fun to share someday. Until then, I'll look forward to all the upcoming blogs.


Teri said...

We are going to P.R. tomorrow! Any idea where the shops are? Are they inside the square, or just near there?


Diane said...

WoW! As I think back to the first day you arrived in Paris to this blog, I can truly say you and Scott have had such an amazing trip ...not to mention, quite EXCITING at times!

Your video clips have been so much fun to watch. When you leave, I'm going to be missing Paris right along with you.

Thank you, my dear friend, for taking us with you to get an "upfront and personal" look at the city you love. Thank you also for sharing your BIG heart, your DEEP passion, and your INNER joy. You're inspiring.

It's been such a treat these past two weeks to get a peek at your adventures and has given me many smiles :) along the way -- even laughter -- which is so good for the soul!

I'm not sure when you and Scott will be leaving, but I know your trip is winding down soon. Have a safe trip back home, and I'll be looking forward to all that is to come with future blogs and your BOOK.


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