Monday, January 18, 2010

The Purse That Started It All...

This would be Paris Purse blog #3. I've blogged about my obsession with purses from Paris, so I thought today would be a great day to blog about the very FIRST purse I got in Paris, and as usual, it was quite by accident.

It was 2006, our first trip, and as usual, we were lost. I don't remember the circumstances, (being "slightly" lost was a running theme), but I remember being in a huge underground train station. I think maybe it was coming home from Versailles. I can work the Metro stations like the back of my hand, but oh the train stations are SO confusing.

Anyway... walking, walking, walking... soon we came upon an underground mall area of sorts. What to do when you are lost anyway... SHOP.

I saw a cute little purse store, and of course had to go in. I found the CUTEST leopard purse, all furry and wonderful, for only 25€. I was so excited. I carried it everywhere, and I still carry it. It doesn't exactly fit the FL lifestyle, so I only carry it when it's cold weather.

My purse and I on the draw bridge of some castle right in Paris.

Purse hanging on my arm in Marseilles, France.

Have a great week everyone. Lots of fun posts really soon, I promise!!!!!



Jenny said...

I am the same about the Metro versus Train stations! What's up with that. Love, love, love the story about your purse. because no matter it's monetary value it is now so priceless for the memories it carries.

The Flying Bee said...

Love the purse! It looks good on you!

Happy Monday!


JBeaudetStudios said...

I love it when you can find something that will always hold special memories. I love the purse!:)-Jennifer

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Cute...cute...cute...and that fact that it's french...even cuter.

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