Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Christmas Chainsaw Massacre

Every time I tell you what my next post will be about, something more urgent seems to come up. I STILL need to blog about my bathroom, Le Whif, more Paris purses, many more funny Parisian experiences...the list goes on and on...

But in the spirit of many of you recently taking down Christmas decorations, I thought of a "funny" I just had to share!

My husband will basically, do anything I ask him (within reason). In fact, when I ask him to do something, I better be ready, because he might start the something in 10 minutes. Once years ago, I mentioned how our front doors would look really good painted a dark red. Mind you, this was a PASSING thought. I mentioned it, and went off to the grocery store.

As I was driving down our street to come home, maybe 30 minutes later, I could see a cloud of dust out by the mailbox. As I got closer, I heard a very loud sound. Guess what??? It was the sound of an electric sander! He was in the process of sanding the front doors! I hadn't even picked out a color or anything... it was just a thought!!!! I'm happy to say, we grabbed some paint at Home Depot that night, and the doors turned out perfect!

So... about taking down Christmas. We had this pre-lit artificial tree, and by the second year, lights started going out, and the top wouldn't screw in straight anymore, and was always leaning. How we hated that tree. Scott kept threatening to get rid of it, but year after year, I hung on to that blasted thing.

One particular year, we had that one in the living room, and bought a huge live tree for the family room. It was so beautiful. We wanted the kids to know that some trees have a scent, unlike the palm trees in the yard.

The live tree...

Again... he kept telling me that artificial tree had to go. The day we were taking stuff down, I noticed him dragging that tree out the front door.

I knew it was time.

But then... I heard a loud noise! I went to investigate, and there he was with his gas-powered CHAINSAW, cutting that tree to pieces, wires and all, so it would fit in the back of the car to go to the dumpster.

THEN, he drug the live tree out front, and began sawing it apart (he was on a roll)... when he came back in, he saw the millions of tree needles that had fallen throughout the house. Next thing I know, he opens both front doors, gets the LEAF BLOWER, brings it inside, and blew every needle outside. It was really funny...

We like to call it "The Christmas Chainsaw Massacre."

And yes... the neighbors were staring!


P.S. Oh, and this year he pulled his back out trying to haul our new GIANT artificial tree up the stairs to the attic closet... he really hates Christmas :) LOL.


The Flying Bee said...

LOL! That is so funny! I can't believe he brought the leaf blower in the HOUSE! Ha Ha Ha!

char said...

Scott is always ready to do a job and get it over with. I would love to have a video of the "massacre." It would be great on youtube.

BonjourRomance said...

Great story, I agree with Char, you needed that on video to send to YouTube. Scott sounds like a saint - lucky girl. Check out my lates post, I'll think you may a perfect opportunity to brag on him some more.
Hope you're having a fabulous week!

Barb said...

That is hysterical. We may be married to the same man-hehe.


Cherry Blossoms said...

That is to funny! Thanks for the laugh today!

Kelly said...

My stories are more about how much my husband HATES putting on the lights. HATES with a passion. He puts up the artificial tree, I do the ribbon and the ornaments, but he has to help with the lights and he gripes the whole time. EVERY SINGLE YEAR he says he's throwing out this tree and getting a new pre-lit one during the after-Christmas sales. So far he hasn't gone through with it, but I really thought this was the year, LOL!!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oh, the boys and their toys! They do love to play. Thank goodness they can accomplish a few things along the way. So, do you never have to make a honey-do list, since Scott seems to take care of your requests so quickly?


1 Funky Woman said...

Oh, that is just too cute! Hands down the leaf blower is the winner, and the fact that the neighbors watched, just fantastic. Sounds like never a dull moment when hes home!


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