Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movies To Die For

I watched some really fantastic movies over the holidays, and I feel it my duty to pass a recommendation or two on to my friends...

First of all, I must recommend Netflix. If you are like me, there is SO nothing on TV, ever... I could do without it. However, I do like to watch TV late at night, or when no one is home, and my choice is always a movie from Netflix, or something I Tivo'ed. BTW, both of these things are awe~some!

Let's go way back first... a few Sundays ago, I was getting ready for church, and Scott was sitting in the den watching TV. He found himself on TCM, and watched the first 15 minutes of an OLD movie that really intrigued him. Before we went out the door, he had me hit record, and we finished it when we got home. The name of the movie was "The Enchanted Cottage"... 1945. It has Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire in it, and it's the story of two people who fall in love, and only see the beauty in each other, even though one is considered homely, and the other was disfigured in the war. Netflix doesn't have it yet, b/c it isn't out on DVD (only VHS) but I just had to tell you to be on the lookout for TCM to show it again...it's so sweet.

Another movie I came across (TCM again) was a 1957 movie starring Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall. It's called "Designing Woman" and it is adorable, and her clothes and apartment... to die for! Netflix has it... get it!

My son has a way of buying people exactly what they would love for Christmas. I mentioned an all time favorite of mine, and low and behold, I opened it Christmas morning. It was the movie, "A Summer Place" (1959) with Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue. It's the tragedy of what happens when you marry one person, when you are in love with someone else. I know there's the unwed pregnancy, but I think the other storyline is the real killer.

Oh... let's go way back again to another TCM movie I found... it's called "Brief Encounter" 1946, starring Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson. It's another sleeper...so good! Two people accidentally meet in a train station, fall in love... and well, I won't spoil it. It's available on Netflix.

There are a few French movies I love...
most of you have seen them all, but here I go anyway...

My Best Friend (2007, subtitles, has a real twist at the end)
Amelie (2001, subtitles, great cinematography)
Marie Antoinette (2006, eye candy, cool music, Versailles, clothes, need I say more?)
La Vie en Rose (2007, subtitles, sad...horrible... but you must see this if only to witness the transformation they do to the beautiful Marion Cotillard)
Avenue Montaigne (2007, subtitles, really interesting movie, makes you think... I loved it)

I can't say my French picks might not have a bad word or two...and strangeness... just a warning... they are French afterall :). There were a few films I left out because I had to turn them off...too risque...case in point~Paris Je T'aime. Everyone of these are available on Netflix, and no, I'm not affiliated with Netflix at all, I just love the system and ease.

Hope you enjoy some of these on long, cold, winter nights. Cozy up with someone you love, and have a ball.


P.S. Don't mention the subtitle thing to husbands or boyfriends...they'll find out soon enough, and by the time you two are ensconced on the couch, with blankets, pj's, wine/coffee... it's too late!
Next post... I will focus only on one must-see, and my guest bathroom...they are related... got your attention yet???


The Flying Bee said...

I can't wait to check some of these out. We watched a lot of movies from the RedBox lately. Only $1.00 a movie! I love that!


JMay said...

These are all classics, great post.

Cute blog lady, now following :-)


Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Hi Teri! Looks like some really great movies! Thanks for sharing this with us! Always on the lookout for something to watch on these looonngg Winter night! LOL

So sweet of your Son to listen to you when you mentioned your wish list! Love it when people do that!

I wanted to also let you know.. I left a Sweet Award for you on my Blog! Stop by & visit to pick it up!

Blessings ~ Teresa

Bonjour Madame said...

Designing Woman is one of my favorite classic movies! I love her dresses and her apartment. Thanks for the list. I'm updating my netflix que now!

Anonymous said...

Gr8 post Brief Encounter is wonderful...

Cathi said...

Great post, Teri! I also came across the Enchanted Cottage a few weeks back, a beautiful film. Your other suggestions are wonderful as well.

I have a non profit for seniors in assisted living and I bring movies every Saturday for them free of charge - a couple of your suggestions, I didn't have - I will definitely be getting them soon! Thanks!

Have a peaceful evening! :)

Jenny said...

Thank you Teri! I sadly don't get TCM, and yes I love my DVR (our version of Tivo). I am thankful my sweet husband puts up with with my varied movie choices and he enjoyed Amelie. WHat a tender main story it had to tell. Do you have any other Paris movie favorites?

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I must say that a sign of true love is a husband who will watch a French movie with you, reading his way through the storyline. My hubby is pretty gracious this way, and has watched his fair share of French flics. I'm waiting now for the release of Coco Avant Chanel with Audrey Tautou. Hope it's as good as I'm hoping.

Thanks for the recommendations,

Blondie said...

These are some great ones for sure! Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments on my Marilyn and Joe post honey. I hope you had a great day! Kori xoxo

Deanne said...


I just spent last Friday night, with hubby AND kids all away, with my favorite snacks, a snuggly blanket, my sweet dog, Chica and watched a movie that you recommended to me last time you were here! It is Under the Tuscan Sun and I LOVED it! Also from Netflix! I could rewind all I wanted and I heard every word. No interruptions. Movie nights are the best - especially if they are at home without any distractions. Thanks for your new list. I'm adding them to my queue!

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