Thursday, April 1, 2010

London in Real Time

Too busy to blog in words...

So I'll V-log today!

First video... arriving in London on the Eurostar from Paris. Notice our energy, our excitement, our absolute confidence. It kinda shows you how difficult Paris can be, since we are SO excited about everything being in English.

About 15 minutes after this video was taken, we were on the Tube. Stop after stop went by, and everyone was getting off... soon the Tube was empty, except for one guy. He looked at us and said,
"Are you sure you are on the right line? You sound like tourists...and this line is going to the outskirts of London, and it's not a very nice area."

WE WERE SO ON THE WRONG LINE... our confidence was dashed!!!!!!

Next video... taken at dinner, an hour or so before we had to make it back to the station and catch the train back to Paris. We were really, really, tired... but I was getting my Fish-n-Chips no matter what!!!

Last but not least... my big PAYOFF. I've wanted to have Fish-n-Chips somewhere beside Epcot for a long time... and here it is!

So... hope you've enjoyed "London in Real Time." Yes, my goofiness knows no bounds!



1 Funky Woman said...

Yum, I'd love to eat their fish n chips! I loved your excitement about people speaking English. I think I would have freaked if I were on the wrong line! Obviously you figured out where to go, did the nice guy help?

What is The Feathers? It looks beautiful?

Teri said...

The Feathers is the Pub we were in.
The guy on the Tube tried to help... but we found their transportation system so much more confusing than in Paris... and yes, we did find our way... eventually ;)

Patricia said...

Teri, your videos are always a lot of fun. You do sound so excited to have everything in English! By the way, FYI - 'ich dien' is German for 'I serve', you often see it on coats of arms, like on Prince Charles' I think. And the peas were mushy peas - don't think I would have eaten them either, but it's very traditional.

Diane said...

Sounds and looks like you and Scott enjoyed a great day in London -- I'm glad you persevered until you got your Fish-n-Chips! They are delicious there.


myletterstoemily said...

ha ha! so glad that nice man steered
you back to the right line.

i guess even when you speak the
language a new country can be

when we visited england, it was hysterical
that our 14 year old son could NOT
understand a single word they said.

can't imagine what he will do when
they actually speak another

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I do so wish I could have joined you for a day of touring and fish and chips dining! I think you were able to cram a lot of sightseeing into one day, if you were so exhausted at the end. Mashed peas, not your cup of tea?? Mine either! Not sure about the German words on the menu, but the symbol of three feathers is the symbol of the Prince of Wales. So there, you have it!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Crack me up! I want to travel with you. Relief was definitely heard in your voices when in jolly ole England! Wondering??? Did you have Spotted D_ _ _ for dessert????? What a horrid name...

Staci Danford said...

WOW.. beautiful.... I just want to sit right down and be there too... Man my plants never look quite like that.. Thanks for sharing!!

Jenny said...

You're crazy funny Teri. Reminds me of....well of me. I gush when I travel. The cute signs. the cobblestone roads...riding the Tube/Metro....having a cafe viennoise in Paris, or a pint in London...I embarrass my family and take pictures of everything, make them pose like the statuary in historic locations..oh my. I was so inspired by you, I was going to post a video of one of our Tube journeys this past summer, but I can't get it to load. Do you ever have trouble loading your videos? Just wonderin'.

The Flying Bee said...

I always love your vlogs! So funny about the Tube! I will definitely have to get some tips from you when my hubby and I finally make our trip.

Have a Happy Easter!


Natasha said...

OK I am seriously wishing that I was right there with you! This brings back so many lovely memories of our trip! I am going to have to start saving $$ again!

Hope that all is well and that you have a truly wonderful Easter!

Blessings and best wishes,

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Hi Teri,
just found your blog through your comment on Views from my Kitchen Sink. I am so glad i stopped by. While we haven't had the same opportunity to travel that you have it is really high on my list of priorities for my family. So instead of Paris we will be spending ten days in Quebec City. Our girls speak french through an immersion program. We are very excited. I love your blog! I will be able to do some traveling vicariously through you.

Pam said...

Hi Teri! thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! I really enjoyed your videos...oh how I LOVE london!! Cheers!!

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