Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Taking a Break

I've been writing all morning, so I'm taking a break... no, not by drinking as the above picture might indicate, but by blogging. Blogging isn't exactly a break from writing... but I feel I have to fill my blog friends in on my challenge (see previous post, Nov.9).

Just this morning, I crossed the halfway point! I can't believe it... over 25,000 words. It's been a lot harder than I thought, but also a lot more fun. Each night when Scott comes in from work, he says, "So, what's Marie been up to today?" I fill him him, and usually beg him for ideas on how to get her from where she is, to where I need her to be. I know this is hard to understand, but I don't want to give away my plot... not yet!

When I need inspiration, I do one of three things... I put on music, look at photos from our trips to France, or... the worse thing... I EAT. The last being my least effective help for writer's block, but the one I lean on most often :)

I am finding writing to be a little depressing. I know first hand why artists are known to be moody. It's a very lonely occupation, so to speak. I sit here, all alone, in my own private world.

If I'm not writing, I'm thinking about my story constantly. Sometimes when people are talking to me, I realize a few seconds into the conversation, that I haven't heard a word they've said, because I'm thinking of Marie Antoinette. I can't seem to help it.

On a lighter, and more hysterical note... this weekend I went to a Writer's Conference. My mom had asked me to go, way before I even knew about this challenge. Suddenly, it seemed like perfect timing, that we would be going to this conference, in the middle of my first attempt at writing anything other than a 3 page story. The first night, they gave those that wanted, an opportunity to read for five minutes anything they had written, and be critiqued. My mom and her friend, (my forever cheerleaders) begged me to read a little bit of my first chapter. I did....................

Let me just say, the silence was deafening... the critique brutal... this was a Christian writers group, so they were a bit surprised when my character came into the room. It's not that I'm writing a non-Christian book, but it isn't of the Christian Inspirational genre either. They weren't critical of my subject, it was my actual writing that lacked pizazz. As I was reading it, I knew it. I have a looooooooong way to go, so much to learn. Now it seems funny, but at the time, I was SO embarrassed.

Call me crazy, but this just spurred me on to MORE writing.

I will say, even though they did not receive my first chapter with enthusiasm that night, the next day, women kept coming up to me to ask me more about the book. I guess there was a spark of interest after all.

So, I'm off to more writing. Thought I'd share a few pictures of the places Marie has been in my book so far...


Marie and Louis' Bedchamber

An Outer Courtyard

The Gardens at Versailles


*The Beautiful Life* said...

First. You blog just looks so great!! Love the white, bright look!! :)

Second, WOWZER! Marie Antoinette's bedchamber... Holy Cow! 'Nuf said...

Girl, you have GUTS! I would have NEVER been able to stand up and read something -- anything! -- including something creative I'd written! Wow.

You'll do great writing -- hey, could be a lot worse, huh? Writing should be fun, so don't let the "creative machine" get you locked up in its gears.

Love ya, girlie!


A Tale of Two Cities said...

25.000 words! Do you realize what an accomplishment that is? Keep at it girl--you definitely have a gift of expression and I know you'll make it!

I like your sources of inspiration!


The Flying Bee said...

Yay! The half way point! Props to you for sharing your story! I really can't wait to find out more about the story!

Keep it up!


Paris Getaways said...

Reading your blog entries as I've been doing since recently discovering them, it's obvious you were gifted with an enthusaistic writer's voice that comes through loud and clear when you write as closely as possible to how Y-O-U would actually speak those same words. Is that the kind of writing you shared at the writing conference? I will be surprised if you answer yes.

You did not learn to ride a bicycle without a few falls and the same goes for writing. Keep rollin', girl.

A fan,
I post at Twitter as @parisGetaways

LuLu said...

I'm cheering you on!! This is such a huge experience you are having, i just find it so amazing. I could not have done what you are doing... wishing you writing bliss,

Diane said...

Your dream of writing a book is becoming a reality --- word by word, chapter by chapter. I'm excited for you and have faith in you and the gift of writing you have been given.

Enjoy creating --

Teri said...

Thank you everyone for your kind, encouraging words.
It means so much. It kinda makes the writing more fun, knowing friends are cheering you on.

Paris Getaways... you are right, the writing wasn't in my normal "voice". I find it easy to write real life situations in my voice, but fiction, especially historical fiction, is proving to be much harder for some reason.

I will keep on keeping on though!

Thanks Girls!

Tracey said...

Well here I am trying to finally get around and meet some of the new bloggers who entered my contest, and I stumbled upon you and your amazing blog! I am so impressed that you are writing a book...it always seems so glamorous, the writer's life, because you are able to get lost in creating your story! You go girl - so awesome!!

:) T

Simply Colette said...

Well, I am so so happy for you. Practice makes perfect. Besides that is what editors are for, but look how far you've come! I know I'm not going to make it... but it has been a mother or of all months, too heavy to blog about, but things are getting better and brighter. And I know that it is a start to something better, and I'm so please to know it has made a difference in your life. :)

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