Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick, Hurry, Fast...

I have no time and I've had no sleep. When I finally finished writing last night, (late) I was about to turn off my light, and okay... I had to catch up in blogland!

OMGOODNESS... I cried when I read Ruth's post. It expressed perfectly how I feel about blogging. All I can say is ditto, because I couldn't have expressed it better myself.

I have so much to do...
Write, write, write... attend a seminar tonight and all day tomorrow. Get ready to throw a fifteenth birthday party for my daughter, as soon as church is out on Sunday. Sixteen teenagers... at my house... HEEEEEEEEEEEELP.

I made my dear husband a teeny, tiny, list of things to do, while I'm gone tomorrow. He's thrilled :) of course.

So, why am I blogging right now when I should be writing, cleaning, wrapping presents, baking, shopping for party ware... even taking a shower???? Because last night, when Scott brought in the mail, the MOST AMAZING gift was waiting for me... from... you guessed it...


A person who I've never met, but that I've connected with through blog and email. Many of you know her, but if you don't, her name is Adrienne, and her blog is awesome. Here's a picture of my gift...

{told you I needed a shower...}

Wasn't that the sweetest, most thoughtful thing? Adrienne knew I took the 30 day challenge to write a novel (see word count on sidebar). She knew my main character was Marie Antoinette, and she sent me this for inspiration. I love it, and it now sits proudly by my computer.

How sweet is that????

And as if that's not enough... another blog announcement! A friend of mine from 25 years ago, started a blog this week. She is HILARIOUS, and her post yesterday was the SWEETEST. Check it out. It will remind you somewhat of Ruth's post. All us gals think alike! Here's the Link... confidentiallykel. Her blog is already adorable! I love it.

Friendship is awesome whether in person or by computer. I never knew this was going to happen when I started blogging, but I'm so glad it did.



Meagan said...

Over 20,000 words!!!! I am beyond impressed. I can't believe you got a gift. That is so sweet and it looks very inspirational.

The Flying Bee said...

Yay! I am so glad that you like it!!! I got chills when I read your email this morning! I just knew she was meant for you! It's so funny...when I sent her I pictured her being right next to your computer as you typed away!

I hope this weekend isn't too crazy and Happy Birthday to your precious daughter!

Isn't this blogging connection between all us girls so AMAZING!
I am sending you so much love and big hugs, Teri!


Teri said...

Oh Adrienne... Your comment just dinged in my email. I must tell you, that for the past 2 hours, I've been listening to your Playlist! There are about 4 songs I keep playing over and over...

As I listen, I'm writing. It's snowing in Paris... and this music is inspirational!!!!!! I have a beautiful photo from google of two people walking in the snow in Paris. I'm imagining it to be Marie, and ____________. You'll have to wait to find out who she's with!!

Thanks for the M.A. inspiration, AND the music!


Simply Colette said...

Oh I'm so happy you are doing excellent with the writing Teri! I'm behind... :( only 9,045 as of this morning. But it has been such a rough month, I guess that happens. I'm going to keep at it though. How sweet of Adrienne! I sent her an ornament this week for my giveaway. I agree blogging has done wonders for the soul. The comments I received were truly the bright spots in my week. Have fun at the party! :) Oh, and much thanks to Jeff for all his years of service. :)

Jenny said...

OH, Teri I so much agree with you about the joy of blogging and its community. My husband has just started understanding what an encouragement it is to me out here in the boonies of Texas at home with my precious 3 year old. How very sweet of your blogbuddy to mail you the picture of encouragement and I hope your weekend comes off smoothly. Happy celebrations.

Kelly said...

Teri! Thank you so much! I am so new at this and don't know what I'm doing or what I've gotten myself into, but I am having lots of fun already! Thanks for the introduction. :-) I am eager to meet your blogging friends and will be checking out the posts you linked to as soon as I can.
Have a fun weekend celebrating and may the words glide effortlessly across the page (or screen!) when you next sit down with Marie and her mystery companion....Love you!

LuLu said...

AWWWW blogland is the best!! your fabulous gift is so heartwarming!!
wishing you a wonderful weekend, and I know your daughter is going to have the most amazing party,

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Marie Antoinette at your side--that's some amazing inspiration! I've read so many books about Marie Antoinette, but I just know you are going to have a fresh "Teri" approach, and I hope you share with all of us.

Thankful to call you friend.....


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Teri-girl! You look GORGE! You look not only like you HAD your shower but also had your hair & makeup done at Sephora! So I don't wanna hear it, girlie-que! :)

I'm so thrilled that you & Adrienne have connected! How neat!

Uh oh.... just thought of something.... YOU see me weekly and know all my quirks (hee-hee) and now you can be filling Adrienne on them all!! :)

Well, thanks for reading my blog post -- something just kicked in when I read Cathy's post and I just thought "I gotta share my thoughts on how AWESOME blogging is.

And I'm SO glad you are part of it with us!! :)




Andrea - Faded Plains said...

How sweet of Adrienne to think of you...she's a doll!

Anonymous said...

Teri -- I'm excited for the writing challenge you have taken on. I know you are going to write it with "Teri-style" and flair.

Have fun writing, my friend.


Elise said...

I loved your post - thank you

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Hi Teri,
I stopped by way of Adriennes and Ruth's before that. They really are both wonderful girls!!!!;-)
Love the gift Adrienne sent. Hope your weekend went well for your daughters birthday...we just celebrated my daughters 15th too.
Wishes for a good evening ~ Rebecca

Teri said...

I just found some unmoderated comments. Somehow, they bypassed my email.

Sorry it took me so long to get some of them posted. Just a computer thing I guess!

I LOVE comments!!! Keep them coming.


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