Friday, July 31, 2009

Joyeux Anniversaire!

To My Sweet Friend...

This weekend is Ruth’s birthday...from The Beautiful on my sidebar.  She is an awesome friend in blogland, but I actually know her in real life.  She encouraged me to start my blog, and it’s been really fun. She also loves all things French.  I noticed her at church one day, with a beautiful purse, that said, "Paris." Our friendship began then and there.

Here’s a little piece of Paris just for you Ruth. These shots were taken at Laduree’s on the Champs-Elysées.  Pardon the reflections, but it does show a little bit more of Paris!

So sorry, but I haven't figured out yet why some of my pics come out larger than others. Sometimes, you can click on a pic to get a closer view, and sometimes you can't.  Bear with me!  I know these are almost too small to enjoy!

Just so no one thinks I think I’m “all that”...Scott and I have passed Laduree’s countless times.  We went in only once, and it was so packed, we left. Sometimes it takes such nerve to walk in a new place in Paris, when you aren’t sure of the 'procedure'. 

What’s the deal?  There’s a long, long, incredible glass case full of the most wonderful pastries.  It looks like a 'to go' line, but then, I remember seeing Samantha Brown (Travel channel) sitting and eating at a table.  I think I also remember seeing Paula Deen (Food Network) walking around, with her Laduree pastries, on the street.  Oh, the feeling of being left out of a secret club!

Can you get your stuff and go?  

Do you order from the case and sit down and wait?  

Do you sit down and wait for a menu and eat at a table?  

These are the burning questions in my mind...


I told you Scott and I were like the blind leading the blind. If someone will fill me in, I will visit Laduree’s in Sept. and blog about it...

                                      every. last. detail!

Next Blog..."Number four" riddle solved.


Bonjour Madame said...

You can go to the case and get your items to go or you can sit down and order from the wait staff. It's all up to you. I was intimidated the first time I walked in one but the second time I sat down and had lunch and surprisingly, did not even get dessert! It really is all it's cracked up to be.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

AGHHHHH!!! Thank you SO much, dear friend!!!

You are TOO cool to wish little ol me a Joyeux Anniversaire! I LOVE how that looks and sounds!! :)

Teri -- here's to not only many more birthdays (for both of us!) but many, many fun blog post to come!!!

Thanks, girl!

Much Love,

Teri said...

I just looked online at the interior of Laduree, and it was so fabulous! Scott said we will go there, for a big splurge! Thanks for the insight.

Glad you enjoyed the post Ruth. Hope you were surprised!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

UTTERLY & COMPLETELY surprised!!! :)

Thanks gal!


Andrea - Faded Plains said...

It's always hard to learn the correct etiquette in a foreign place...luckily, we have you to teach us.

Scott said...

I have been re-reading all of your stories about our adventures together in Paris. You have captured our foolishness to a "T". I can't wait to see what comes next!!!

Only 41 days until our next adventure begins!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Scott! You are AMAZING to add a comment!! Wow! An actual "character" from the story..... or, just a "character"! ;) HAHA!!

Great to have you weigh in!



The Flying Bee said...

Hi Teri,

Just became a follower. I am so glad that Ruth encouraged you to do this. I have enjoyed every post. It is my dream to make it to France one day. I am totally living vicariously through you! Thank you!

Have a great day!

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