Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Very Unscientific Drawing

Good Morning!

It's time for the giveaway drawing. 

Here is my very unscientific hopper for the names:

Here is the winner...

Incase you can't read that... it's Cathi!

You must, must, must click over to her blog, Everyday Adventures of a Curious Gal.  She loves to travel, and has fabulous pictures and great posts.  She has a second blog, Everyday Matinees for Seniors that is tied to a non-profit organization she started in memory of her father.  Read her profile...she is an amazing gal, and truly gives of herself.

I actually prayed before I drew a name, that the person that most needed a "happy" surprise, be chosen... so Cathi... I am sending you an email requesting your address. As soon as I get it, I will send the package your way.

Thanks for all who entered.  Next post... back to Paris!



The Flying Bee said...

Congrats to Cathi!

Cathi said...

Wow, what a nice surprise to wake up to this morning, this just made my day!!! Thank you so much, Teri. What a sweet post and I feel honored to have been chosen by you! I will email my address to you! Much love, smiles & hugs to you and your family!! I can't wait to see more posts about Paris - you have me hooked!! xxoo :)

Jenny said...

Yea!!! congrats Cathi!! And Teri the giveaway was so ultra kind but the best part of all was your sweet sweet prayer. Happy Tuesday

Dawn said...

Teri...thank you for your sweet comments about Lucy..she truly is a dream come true for me! I know you love Tracy Porter like I do, and Lucy LOVES her videos, and this was a take off of the scarf video she did awhile back in her closet...do you remember that one?? Tell your daughter, the husbands always come around..wink wink :)

Mya said...

I am sure Cathi will love your gifts. I went over to her site, and you are right, she has some beautiful pictures and Interesting posts.

Dawn said...

HI Teri~ Tracy called Lucy "PB" which is "Plum Blossom"...when I first started blogging on her site, we had only been home from China a few months, and some referred to her as a "little Plum Blossom" and everyone LOVED it, so it stuck! Tracy did ask in an email to me if she could post it on her blog, and of course i said YES! So keep watching! She even mentioned when and IF she gets a TV show someday, would Lucy come on and share her jazzy style!!

There is another video on YouTube under my name..Parsonsx6...that is labeled "Lucy's Fashion Video" it is shorter, but Lucy looks at a vest in my closet and says.."it's Tracy Porter!"..I think you would get a kick out of it too!

Thanks for sharing it...we keep laughing here at my house saying she is going viral too...so glad even your Hubby got a laugh! We did send it to Ellen Degeneres...who knows??


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