Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Then and Now

I started this blog over a year ago, and I had no idea what it would come to mean to Scott and I over time.  He loves reading your comments as much as I do.  We feel like we have so  many new friends.  Most of you we will never meet, but no doubt you hold a special place in our hearts.

We found out yesterday, that Scott's cancer is back.  It still seems to be contained, but in light of this news, I truly feel I need to step away from blogging for a bit, not that I'm super consistent anyway.  I have no idea how long I'll take off... maybe a few weeks, maybe longer.  I guess GirlMeetsParis will just pop up one day and surprise you.  I wanted to let you know why I will be MIA, since I've shared about Scott's situation in the past.  

I'm not trying to be over-dramatic, but my creativity seems really stifled... my mind is swirling, but I am at peace. 

I want to leave a few thoughts with you before I sign off for awhile....  Paris gave Scott and I both an incredible gift of opening our minds and our world to other possibilities.  We love Paris sure, but for us it represents so much about change, and growth, and keeping marriage fun and vibrant.  

Here we are in 2006...

Here we are last month...

If your marriage is in the pits... DO SOMETHING, anything, to get it back on track.  Do not take that man for granted under any circumstances.  Remember all he's done for you over the years, remember that he picked YOU out of all the girls he knew, and while he's not perfect... 
well, neither are you :)

A friend sent me this awesome framed art she did for me a few weeks ago.  It symbolizes how I feel, and what I'm hanging on to.  It sits next to my sink.

I actually gave this verse to her years ago, as her family was going through heart issues with one of her children... they are still walking that road.  Life is rough, no doubt, but through it all...

God is in control, and He knows.

I will still be reading your blogs for sure, and will comment when I can... 
now... go give your husband a hug and tell him  how awesome he is!



Dawn said...

Teri..I am so sorry to hear this news about Scott...The two of you will continue to be in my prayers, for healing, for peace. Thank you for the sweet reminder of what treasures we have in our husbands, that I tend to take for granted some days. I will think of you each time I look at my postcard from Paris...xoxo

High Heeled Life said...

Oh my friend words just don't seem enough to describe the heaviness I felt for you and Scott, while reading your news.

Stay positive, strong, and believe in each other. These times can be so difficult and scary for all! Hold onto to each other. I want to see at least 12 more pictures of you in Paris at the same place ~ so every 4 years, will take you to 2050 .....

Life is a precious gift! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to the day I read your post saying "Scott, has Kicked the butt out of this".. XO HHL

Cathi said...

Teri & Scott - I am so sorry to hear this news. I will hold your family in my prayers. Even though I don't know you in reality, I feel like I "know" you thru your wonderful blog reading about your awesome, life changing experiences.

Your inspiring reminder will not be taken lighty - I have learned that all too well myself over the past few years.

Sending warm hugs and much love to you both and your family! xxoo :)

P.S. Those photos of you two are wonderful!

mya said...

Your love for each other will see you through this. This is one way that God is trying to comfort you, for your love is a gift from God.

We all pray for you both and your family, and every time I see your postcard I will think of you and offer another prayer.


Before I read your post, I was working on my post in response to an award I had been given - A Happy Award, and your blog is one of the ten I had chosen to pass it to. Seems very frivolous at the moment, and yet these little awards are a way to show appreciation. So this award (if you accept them, and I do not know if you do or not) is yours to pick up whenever you feel like it or not. You do not need to respond to me.

Thank you for letting us into your lives.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

Hi, Im new here and I love your blog. Your words just seem to really hit home for me. I love how you express your relationship with your husband and the advice you give about appreciation our husbands. I love my husband so much that words just can't describe.

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband, it's understandable that you want to take some time off. I hope that God gives you both the strength you need to move forward.

Amanda said...

There was a time a few years back that we were somehow surrounded by couples who bickered, cut each other down and whined to their friends about their spouses constantly. Slowly we realized that some of those habits were sneaking into our relationship as well. What an eye opener!

It's become clear than when I am "surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses" my own marriage is stronger and more full. We are able to remind ourselves of how much we really do appreciate the little things that make Us work so well and the quirks in each other that make it so clear we were designed for this.

I'm copying your paragraph of "marriage advice" to my Quotes file - properly attributed, of course. Reminders of how much he really is worth are wonderful to keep on hand.

May God hold you both in the palm of His hand through this...

annette said...

Sweet friend, You and Scott will be in my prayers. I understand your need to be absent from the blog for a while, but I won't forget about you. You testify to a love that is bigger than you or Scott--something we all need to hear. Let Christ Jesus keep you strong. Sending hugs and love, Annette

Anonymous said...

Teri and Scott-I hate to read these words and only find comfort in knowing the faith and stength the 2 of you have in our Lord and Savior will be what carries you through. You have many friends and family members that have already started lifting you up in prayer and we will be doing the same. Please let us know what we can do to help...you know we'll do ANYTHING...whatever that may be! Hugs to you both as I go hug and tell my husband how much he means to ME! Love you! Barb

Jenny said...

OH, Teri...though you did not have to share with us you have and I don't think I misspeak for your readers/friends by saying that we truly care and are praying for your dear husband, you and your family. Blogging is a tremendous gift, and to the blogosphere you have added such goodness, honesty, joy, and been a heartfelt example of a woman of God. Take all the time you need, and shout out from time to time if you need too. We will be here, at times wishing we were there to help you/encourage y'all, knowing how completely y'all are in the palm of His hand. Thank you for the scripture too and the beautiful example of a loving marriage.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Dear Teri,
You always make us smile, but today we feel your concern and anxiety. I share that with you tonight, and will start praying for the two of you that God will turn what seems to be a heavy situation into something miraculous. Your encouragement to all of us to seize the moment and cherish the ones we love is a reminder we all need to hear.
Hope we hear an update from time to time, but until you sign in again, please rest in the knowledge that we care so much for you, and we are so grateful you both are in God's loving care.


Patricia said...

Dear Teri, I'd like to add my words of caring and concern to those of your eloquent commenters above. I think that the comments speak volumes about you and Scott and how you have touched so many people. I'm so glad that you went to Paris this year - you have many wonderful, fresh memories to help you get through the next weeks and months of treatment and recovery. With love and prayers from Patricia in Budapest.

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Oh, my...your post and my most recent post...say the same thing but in a different way. Terri, I shall so lift you and your sweet man up. I am thankful for My Guy and appreciate your reminder(s)! May the peace of Christ envelope you both. Love in Him! Vava

Talei said...

Hi Teri, I'm also new here and found your lovely blog via Mya. Your post is very sad but understandable, I'm sending peaceful thoughts across the atlantic ocean to you and your husband. Such a hard time, I hope all will be well. And I am glad I found your blog. Take care. ;)

JBeaudetStudios said...

I'm so sorry to hear the news about your husbands illness. I'll miss your beautiful blog and your great sense of humor. I hope you are able to return soon but I totally understand where you need to be right now. You'll both be in my thoughts and prayers. Jennifer xxx

*Simply Colette* said...


I'm so sorry to hear... I'm thinking of you both and sending my prayers. Thanks for the words about loving your husband, because we are not perfect either. Makes you think. I constantly battle this in my head too with my live-in love. It's always good to be reminded...to not let the petty things in life get to you. If you ever need anything, let me know. Send my love to Scott.


BonjourRomance said...

Dear Teri,
Please know that Scott and your entire family will be surrounded with many prayers. We will ask the Lord for comfort and healing. What an inspiration you are being calm and peaceful.
Thank you for the special word about our precious husbands - in the midst of your trials you are still helping us.
Take care my friend, and give my very best to Scott. Please let me know if you need anything at all.
Sending lots of love and prayers!

myletterstoemily said...

dear teri,

i am so sorry but have great faith for
the Lord to kick this. every night, i
pray for scott and will continue until
i hear, "all clear!"

"now unto Him who is able to do
exceedingly abundantly beyond what
we can imagine,"

Anonymous said...

You have brought so much joy to readers like me . . . and now we wait for you to tell us Scott has recovered. Miracles happen to those who believe.

myletterstoemily said...

still praying. i promise not to forget.

tracy porter said...

You are surrounded by love....soak it in...let it heal& guide you. So much goodness will come to you via people that love you ,hope you are able to find strength in this thought.
You are and will be in my thoughts and prayers....thank you for sharing of yourselves....

The Flying Bee said...


I just stopped by because I hadn't been by in so long....I am so very sorry to hear the news about Scott. Please know that I will be praying for him and your family. You are so right about not taking our husbands for granted...I am so thankful for mine.

I will be thinking of you both.


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