Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look Like a Fresh Faced Bride!

In honor of Royal Wedding Week... an Anti-age set made in the UK, that is sure to put that 'Just Married' look to your skin.  After all, who doesn't want to look like a 
bride every day???

I will get back to regular blogging in a few weeks.  Please be patient with me... things around here are...
 how shall I say... not normal :)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Romantic Tip of the Day

At our wedding reception.

I have found that with all the stress and pressure of what Scott and I are going through right now, I have to be very deliberate about our day to day relationship, or it's really going to suffer. Starting with our first trip to Paris, we have become much more romantic in our lives. This has continued for the past five years, and it really, truly makes life sweet. Here's just a small romantic tip I think you might enjoy. Let me know if you have any great romantic tips...I am on the lookout ;)

I also did a Perfect Nude Lipstick Review on my here if you are interested.

Have an awesome Easter!  Our daughter leaves on a mission trip to Brazil TONIGHT, and Scott took next week off, so we are going to have a lazy week of laying by the pool and eating out... sounds like a winner to me!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lorac Eye Shadow Review

Hey friends... I did another video for my You Tube channel.  If you're confused, read the post right before this one...enjoy!  Although this video is not perfect, I had fun doing it.  Since I don't know how to edit, and frankly don't have the time to, I have to do them in one take with no practice, so take that into consideration while watching.  Doesn't matter...I'm having a blast :)

Scott and I are doing well...counting down the days. 
Two weeks down, six to go!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Product Review/Olay

WOW... I decided as a creative outlet, and kind of as a dare with my 26 yr. old daughter Meagan, (mother of the famous Leila...Disney Princess extraordinaire) that I would post some videos on You Tube.

As you know, I have some time to kill each day while Scott is receiving treatments, so I sit in the Dr. office with my iPad and headphones, and watch Beauty Guru You Tubes.  I am completely obsessed.  These girls know their stuff...problem is, most of them are in their teens or twenties, so while I've learned a LOT, some of their makeup choices won't work for skin that's been around as long as mine has.  I searched the internet for women in their 40's or 50's doing these same videos, and I haven't found any.  What's the deal? Have women my age given up?  No... I think it's because women my age aren't watching You Tube so there is a lack of women my age making videos. 

As you've noticed, and may not even like, I LOVE doing short little videos on my blog.  I love posting videos on product reviews and Paris.  So that's what my You Tube channel is going to be all about... but as my blog has expanded, so might my channel... I have no idea where this is going, or even if it will go.

I need a creative outlet, so this is it.  I started it yesterday, and I will be posting videos at random, and always let you know here when I've put a new one up.  The bonus for me is, it usually takes FOREVER to download a video on blogger...drives me crazy.  I posted this video on You Tube...only a couple minutes and it's all done.  I click share, and instantly it posted to my blog...GOTTA LOVE THAT!

I will still be blogging about normal stuff as well.  If you could do me a huge favor, click over to YouTube from this video (at the bottom where it says YouTube) and it will take you to the site.  When you get there, you can watch the video, and if you want to see what else I've uploaded, click where it says TeriGigi and it will be on my official channel page.  I would LOVE it if you would subscribe.  I'm not sure how to get subscribers and I only have ONE... my daughter who got me into this in the first place!  This all started yesterday, so I've only uploaded a few videos, some of which you've seen if you've been reading my blog awhile.  You can always watch the video here by just hitting the play arrow.

So this is my new adventure. Kinda silly, but kinda fun as well.  It may last a week, a month, or longer. I have no idea...that's what makes it an adventure ;)

P.S. If you are reading/watching on a mobile device, the video box will look different than I've described.  Also, I realized after I posted this, that I do have other videos on my channel that I have not put on my blog.  If you want to go there and check it out, click here.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gator Hunt

There is excitement in the air around here... my son who moved to Hollywood last April is coming home for a visit tomorrow for the first time since he left!  We are killing the fatted calf that's for sure.  He also gets to meet his 9 mo. old nephew for the first time :)

So as I shared, Scott and I drive everyday to Sarasota for treatments.  We leave the house at 2:30 and arrive back home at 6:00.  I've always heard you can tell the health of your marriage if you have things to talk about.  We are putting that to the test, spending two and a half hours in the car with no distractions, Monday-Friday!  The scenery on this particular drive is... how shall I say... BORING BEYOND BELIEF... but more on that later.

We do pass over the Little Manatee River and the Big Manatee River going and coming, and the other day we reminisced about one fateful night, years ago.  Here's how it went down...

Phone rings...
Scott: "Hey Teri, a buddy of mine from work drew a tag this year so we are going gator hunting tonight."
Me: "Why do you have to go at night?"
Scott: "It's the best time to catch them." (said with authority... like he's been doing this his whole life)
Me: "Uhhh... ok. Have fun."  
(this was of course said without having any clue to what this actually meant, and of course I thought the chances of them getting a gator were nil)

About midnight the phone woke me up out of a sound sleep.  Scott's end of the conversation was said with major excitement and breathlessness...
Scott: "Teri!!  WE GOT A GATOR!!!!  It's huge! It almost got us.  It drug us around the lake for an hour with the boat in reverse!!!"
Me: (yawn) "That's nice honey. When will you be home?"
Scott: "I have no idea.  We are taking it back to the house to take pictures.  We still have to skin it and cut up the meat.  We are having the head mounted.  He's big! 
He weighs over 800 lbs. and is 13 ft. long."
Me: (yawn) "Great honey. Don't wake me up when you come in."

We lost the other photos which show the size better, but imagine the head was 2 feet long by itself.  See how small Scott's hand looks on his back.

As you can tell by my reaction... the size and weight of the gator did not register in my sleepy head.  Here's what I found out... He and 2 friends were in a 15 foot boat.  They drove around in the complete dark with a spotlight, looking for glowing eyes.  When they spotted the gator, they noticed how far apart his eyes were... they knew he was big.  They got up to him and hit him with a spear with a removable head connected to a rope and a float.  Scott was leaning over the side of the boat, and his buddy yelled at him not to do that... the gator could have easily jumped up and took his head off.  Obviously angry, the gator drug the boat around while they had it in reverse for over an hour.  He would not give up so easily.  Finally he tired out and they killed it with a "bang" stick right on top of his head. 
Now it was time to load it in the boat.  

Did you note the gator is 800 lbs... and 13 feet long???  They were trying to haul it up and over the side of a 
15 foot boat!!!!! 
My question is, where did they stand/sit once this monster was in???? Scott told me the boat had a center console, so the three men had to stay on the opposite side of the boat to try and balance the weight so the boat wouldn't tip over.

I did not in anyway appreciate the whole thing, until the next day, when in my den I stepped off 13 feet.  I was in shock!  A few days later the pictures came in... more shock. I can't believe they made it out alive.  They had the head mounted, but luckily, it only stayed at our house a few days, and went to the boat owners home to live :).

They were such heros.  One photo even made it into Scott's company national magazine. And oh joy... we had gator tail for dinner.  Taste like chicken!  

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