Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look Like a Fresh Faced Bride!

In honor of Royal Wedding Week... an Anti-age set made in the UK, that is sure to put that 'Just Married' look to your skin.  After all, who doesn't want to look like a 
bride every day???

I will get back to regular blogging in a few weeks.  Please be patient with me... things around here are...
 how shall I say... not normal :)



Cathi said...

You are too cute! I use Boots No.7 also and I love it. I haven't tried the peel, but you are definitely a wonderful pitch woman and I might just give it a go! Have a great day! xxoo :)

Dawn said...

I am loving your reviews...thank you!! I just picked up today the body wash you reviewed, so I will let you know what I think...can't wait to try!

I am definitely going to try the Boots products and the nude lip too!!

Thinking of you...xoxo

myletterstoemily said...

i am completely addicted to your videos! you
could be the beauty consultant on any news
show! i bought the body wash and love it, and
so now i will RUN to get the boots products.

thank you!

Dawn said...

I had to run to Walmart tonight to pick up a perscription and grabbed the nude lipstick ($5.47 fyi :)
...ok, LOVE it!! Thanks!

CC said...

Thanks to Dawn I found your YouTube link.....May I say, YOU ARE PRECIOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing your tips and product finds with us. I can't wait to try out the lipstick and other products! Blessings~

Girl Meets Paris said...

I cannot believe the lipstick was $5.47!!! I don't normally shop at CVS, but I had heard they have a large selection. I didn't even check Walmart because I was in such a hurry to buy it! Thanks so much for the tip Dawn!!!!

Emily said...

I also found you from Dawn. Great videos! A quick can use the serum on the same day and around the days when you do the peel? It is not too much for your skin? Sometimes AHAs and glycolic acid don't mix well, so just wondering what you do. Thanks! Looking forward to more of your videos!

CC said...

FYI Ladies: Walgreens had buy one get one 50% off today.....bought the lipstick.....Lovin' it!!!! :)

Girl Meets Paris said...

Dawn...the directions said to follow the peel with a moisturizer. The serum feels so good, I assumed it would be fine as well. I did not have a reaction, but I do not have sensitive skin at all. If you have any worries, I would just wait until morning or a day or two before using the serum.

Thanks CC for the sale tip! Going tomorrow...hope the sale is still on :) I've been treating my one tube like gold! I want to stock up.


Girl Meets Paris said...

That last comment was meant for Emily....oops!


Emily said...

Thanks Teri!
Lots of other people are saying great things about these products. Must be worth trying!

annette said...

Feel like we just shared a cup of coffee together! So fun to hear and see you again, even if it's one-way. You are the perfect spokeswoman for beauty!

Julie said...

I have enjoyed your blog for a while. Am also a TP fan, like you. I've enjoyed your skincare videos too. You have such beautiful skin that I will definitely try your recommendations. I know you and your hubby are going through some trying times...keep the faith. This comes from a 3x cancer survivor (chondrosarcoma).
Am off to Toulouse and the Chateau Dumas this June with French General. Wish you could go! Look forward to your return...God bless!

fanci said...

hi...fanci here from tp blog. lovvvvve u!!! will enjoy going through your videos.
i have used murad products for years, but they are very expensive, so i alternate depending on my needs at the time. i'm 57. i just tried avon's platinum. i really liked it! the neck is starting to show some signs of age and i want to find something to help. i'm going to target now to get some "boots" i'm not at all a red lipstick girl and like you, play up my eyes. gonna try the l'oreal fairest nude also. will be a follower from now on. xxxx

fanci said...

teri....fanci here again. i have been reading through some of your blogs. i don't know if you've read some of my blogposts at tp, but i understand the pain of illness, my mom... and loss, my son-in-law. i repeatedly say..."God works in strange ways" "meant to be" "Big Man upstairs has a plan". my faith does get me through....but, it's not always easy when someone you love is struggling. soooooo, my email is if you ever need an ear.
xxxx fanci

bluebirdsandbutterflies said...

Hi there,
I have just started my SECOND container of the Boots No. 7 Protect and Perfect Perfection Intense Beauty Serum and I LOVE IT!!!! I went into Target where I live in the NW and was going to buy another product for my skin. There was a lady represenative of Boots that day in Target. She was in her late 50's or early 60's I would say. Her skin looked FABULOUS. She had a few wrinkles just around her eye BUT the rest of her face looked flawless. She suggested I try the Boots Serum and I bought some. I couldn't take my eyes off her face...I even asked her, at one point, if she had done professional microdermabrasion or something. Her pores were so small and her face had a porcelain look to it---I would have bought ANYTHING she recommended due to the fact that her skin was magnificent for her age----I am 56 and have always had pretty good skin. She put me to shame. Just wanted to say that I am using some alpha hydroxy and lipoic acid products from my dermatologist that I used to go to in Texas when I lived there. I order my products online since I live in the NW. These products are great---BUT I am SO impressed with this No 7 Serum that I bought a second one when I ran out and am using it with my other products. I will have to try the peel you mentioned. Boots makes a good product. The representative mentioned that the serum has peptides in it which are good for your skin. Just wanted to share this.... Have a wonderful day! xoxo Kim

Girl Meets Paris said...

Dear B and B...thanks for your comments. I looked at your blog and you certainly don't look your age!!! Youmare the one that should beauty YouTubes! Great meeting you. I will follow you on your blog!

Girl Meets Paris said...

Ok...last comment full of typos. That's what I get for being up so late and typing on my iPad!

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