Friday, July 29, 2011

Music, Books, Movies, etc.


Jenny said...

Off to the lucky duck. So many more reasons why I love you. I actually knew that Mr. Desplat composed the music to Harry Potter (didn't know about New Moon tho'...I am not the biggest Twilight fan) and King's Speech and I too am so tuned in to music in don't know how many times I have googled a phrase I have heard sung in a commercial just to hear the song full length. Thank you for your video, it is a treat to get to know you better.

Kim in CA said...

Love your culture video! I have not ventured over to the Twillight-side....but now I may just do that! All my teens loved the books as did my Mother. You are not alone! Thanks for sharing. Kim

Karen said...

I do love your color and cut. It looks great on you. I just went darker too and I am loving it. You grandson is adorable!

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