Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Besties Tag

These are some favorite summer products...enjoy!

Lip Product...ELF Baby Lips Lipgloss
Blush...Happy Booster in Rose...Physician's Formula
Nail Polish...Revlon Scene Stealer
Liquid Face Product...Almay Smart Shade Makeup
Powder Face Product... n/a
Hair Product...CHI Silk Infusion
Eye Product...Jordana Eyeliner Pencil in Onyx
Self Tanner...Jergen's Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer
Fashon Accessory... Purses
Clothing Piece... Jeans/Jean Shorts


Priscilla said...

well, well, well. I finally found something I disagree with you on. I hate, Hate, HATE jeans. They are ugly. They speak to me of uniforms. I feel that (especially in church - after all if we can't even give our best to god...) people never look well dressed in jeans. They look sloppy, as they were going out to wash the car, or play a pick-up game of baseball, or something. I'm sure with your cute figure you look better than most other women your age, but you are probably the exception.
But, that's just me being picky.
BTW - I'll be watching for you on People of Walmart! Hahahaha

Girl Meets Paris said...

Oh Dear! I used to completely agree with you! When I lived in Texas wearing anything buy hose and a dress was unacceptable. Here in Florida, we have such a relaxed atmosphere, which did take me a loooong time to get used to. I used to really look down on some of the motorcycle riders and the youth at our church because of what they wore...but you know what? They are awesome sweet men, women, and kids that are loving life, having their own fun, and serving God in incredible ways. Some of the worst dressed men in our church serve in the area prisons...not something I would ever want to do. It has taught me how God looks at the heart~not the clothes...but that's just my opinion. I promise I do not look like I'm ready for a carwash...LOL~

char said...

Well, I'm for the jeans. Not ugly, baggy, super tight, or cheap looking jeans, but nice jeans, (preferably clean, without paint stains). My jeans are the most expensive pants in my closet. Somehow the lesson learned from living in Florida is WE (myself included) were too hung up on what someone had instead of what someone was. Florida you just hang and look with the heart. I was surprised myself and pitching the hose was the greatest thing ever.

Girl Meets Paris said...

I remember when I told you "no pantyhose"...I don't think you believed me at first! Florida does have a casual environment. A friend just moved from here to Texas, and she is shocked at the competitive spirit and the money issues. I don't miss that at all :)

fanci said...

dear new need to move to ny!!!! love you

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