Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh, that Blue Box!

Hope this finds everyone having a wonderful Christmas season.... I know I am!  I felt the need this year to keep it simple, plan ahead, and get it all done early.  As of today, I am totally finished shopping, wrapping, and decorating.  I've never been this organized, and I have to say, it has really made this time of year more fun.  Almost all the gifts I bought are in a particular theme, which has made it so creative.  I have not agonized this year over the "perfect gift" but instead, bought what I liked, with the person in mind, and moved on from there.  Simple, easy, stress free.

Now speaking of gifts... I told you all a few posts ago, that I would share my Tiffany moment with you... so here we go...

Back in the summer, I went to the beach with a group of girls that I hang with. We all frequent the same beach, about an hour from where we all live, where a friend has a beach house she rents out.  This particular week, we all had kids and husbands in tow.  Fun, but... well... we all decided to plan a girl's weekend for the end of October... no kids, no husbands.

About two weeks before the weekend, is when we found out that Scott's cancer was back. At this point, I considered canceling, but decided just to show up if I could.  As I shared before, this was really hard news to take.  This is the time which I was Googling every minute of everyday, spending time on the phone, and in the library.  I had massive headaches everyday as well.  Scott knew this was stressing me out, but that's just life sometimes.  He insisted I go to the beach, and not Google or read anything about cancer while I was there.  I went, planning to come home after two days.  I felt bad leaving him.

Well... once I was at the beach, it was SO relaxing, and beautiful, and fun.  On the third day, I knew I should head home, but as sunset was imminent, and I was sitting in my beach chair with sand between my toes, sans headache, I called Scott from my cell, and told him I was staying until Sunday... was that okay???? "Sure" he said, but deep down, I knew he wanted me HOME.

An hour or so later, I got a text from my oldest daughter, that said, "Why is there a blue Tiffany bag hanging from the light in the breakfast room?"  

WHAT???????  I read this text to my friends, and we had no idea what to make of it.  I didn't dare mention it to Scott, because if there really was a bag there, he would kill my daughter for telling me!

I stewed about this all evening and night and into the next day.  I felt TERRIBLE that I didn't go home as planned, especially since there was obviously a gift waiting for me.

So Sunday afternoon, I walked in to a perfectly clean house, lunch ready and waiting, and a Tiffany bag hanging right over the table.  I "acted" surprised... and let me tell you, I'm a terrible actor.  

The bag was empty!!!  Well... it had a card inside with a clue to the blue box... like a scavenger hunt.  From that box, was another clue, to another blue box.  I know he really wanted to show me how much he appreciated all the support.  SO sweet!

Later, I of course had to admit that I knew about the bag.  He said, "I know... I told Meagan to text you that, just so you'd worry about it all night!"  Can you even believe that????   I knew he wanted me home :).

Inside the first box was a sterling silver band, that had I Love You printed all the way around.  The second box had the matching bracelet.  I wear them both every, single day.  Simple, elegant, perfect!

One of my goals during this whole ordeal, has been to de-stress Scott's life as much as possible.  Last night was perfect.  He came home to cajun bean soup in the crock pot, an open bottle of red wine, (Dr. orders...did I mention Scott loves his new Dr ;), candles lit, and music playing... it was wonderful. 

Take time this season to be intentional...if you don't, the season will pass you by, and you'll wonder where the magic went.  In our family, we are all getting together on Thursday nights throughout the holidays, and having game night.  I have also planned a Christmas Tea for my daughters, granddaughter, and mom.  I am even going to decorate cookies, something I usually decide is too much trouble, and too messy.  This year, I feel free to do this, because I am not stressed. 

Now finish up your shopping, keep it simple, and enjoy... 

Teri's orders!


char said...

Beautiful Teri.... Scott is a keeper and is so romantic in his older years. Over 40 is what I mean. lol
I am trying to do it your way this year and be ready early and relax. Of course I haven't done much shopping and am begging for ideas as usual but since you are finished you are full of ideas. Yea!
Seriously at my writing group yesterday I read the Up On The Roof story I wrote and they said it was such a reminder of why we have Christmas and said it made them rethink the stress they put themselves in. They were so appreciative of a Jesus moment in the reading of what was supposed to be family stories.
You also make us all think of what really matters, God, Family, Friends and living our lives in way that honors all.
Thanks for all the reminders,

Cathi said...

I'm writing this with tears of joy in eyes. What a beautiful, romantic man you have in Scott! I, too have refused to be stressed during the holidays. I'm not quite as organized as you but I have my list and all will be done in no time. The time with family and friends are the true gifts in life as you well know. I don't take anyone in my life for granted and make sure everyone knows how much they are loved by me. You are truly an inspiration, you and Scott both. Have a joy-filled Christmas season. Warm hugs to you, Scott & your family! xxoo

A Tale of Two Cities said...

What a heartwarming story--I"m sure you thank God every day for such a sweet and romantic husband as Scott. Your challenge to make Christmas less hectic hit home with me as I scurry around trying to get as much done before heading back to London next week. Thanks for the "permission" to kick back and savor the moments.

Just found out yesterday that our little Jordan is going to have a brother next year--my son having a son! That's a pretty special gift.

Hugs to you, Teri,

Cherry Blossoms said...

Teri- what a sweet way for your husband to express his love and appreciation as I am sure you are his rock during this time. Sending you warm wished during this holiday season!

*Simply Colette* said...

What a sweet story! Makes my heart melt... :) Sending hugs and prayers.


Jenny said...

How heartwarming this post is...thank you for sharing this Teri. Merry Christmas to you, Scott and your blessed family. It is such great encouragment to see couples be loving and attentive to each is as it should divine.

Barb said...

Love it!

Mya said...

Perhaps Scott could write a book to teach husbands how to express feelings. I read this and sighed pleasantly.

A collection of your posts would make a good book/movie.

Diane said...

Simply beautiful! The testimony of the love you and Scott share is so inspiring and real -- rich in the things that matter most.

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Oh, what a guy! I love your holiday mantra and Dr. Teri, will try to comply! Merry Christmas!

myletterstoemily said...

you are such an inspiration! i remember scott
almost every night in my prayers and am so
hopeful for he full recovery.

what a precious husband to engrave his love
for you . . . but OH that blue bag. :)

thank you for your prayers for my friend's
missing son.

unstressed and full of hope,

JBeaudetStudios said...

Teri, you have the sweetest husband! I love your story. Thanks for sharing it with us. And I'll try to take your advice for the holidays. I think I'm doing ok so far...I treasuring every moment with my daughter who I just came home from college. She'll be three for 3 weeks! Take care:) Jennifer

High Heeled Life said...

Oh my sweet, sweet friend .. your post brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful husband you have ~ And he a wonderful wife. May the many, many, many, many (each many =15+ years)wonderful Christmas be as simple and wonderful as you are making this one.

Life is better when we don't mess with it and make complicated.. something I too am learning!! Hugs and Blessings..xo HHL

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