Friday, May 21, 2010

Sitting by the Pool...

So I'm sitting here by the pool with my laptop... trying to blog... and I'm just not feeling it.
Ever have one of those days? Weeks?
Well I'm having one now.

I just did a new product video for you, my blog friends, and guess what? I tried to upload it, and I noticed the video icon is missing from my posting page.  Yes, I looked up the problem, and it said to return to the old post editor.  So, I did that... no good. It still won't work.

Now I'm frustrated.  I'm going to get on my float and read my new book Scott bought me... "Buying a Piece of Paris"... yes, that is always the undercurrent of our lives.  It is in our conversation almost daily. When we finish talking, it's always the same old thing... money.  I hate it that money can really dictate a person's life.  I mean, I get it... money isn't EVERYTHING... but it's SOMETHING when you want to make a serious move to a place where you don't speak the language and can't make a living.  I mean, we could liquidate and buy a place there... but then what?  We have to eat don't we??  I've seen the old women sitting on the corner with their cup... doesn't look too appealing.  We don't play instruments, so living in the metro won't work.  There are only two things working in our favor right now...

1.The Euro is down to a four year low and
the European economy is falling, thus, property may get cheaper. 

2.Scott buys one lottery ticket a week, and is in a big pool with his friends at work...he has all the faith in the world... but I tend to put this on the same level as the Publisher's Clearing House... it ain't gonna happen!

Oh, another glitch, as their economy falls, ours does too!

The other day I was looking up a location of a place we want to go in Paris next time we are there.  I clicked on 'map' and as I read the street names, I started to CRY. In my mind I was visually walking those streets.  They were so familiar...

It's not funny.  I feel extremely guilty about it.

I don't live there, I live here. I like living here... here is where my friends and family are. 


 Off to read my book. I'll let you know if she (the author of the book) was independently wealthy or what, and how she managed the move. If anyone has any bright ideas, let me know... and if anyone knows how to fix the video posting problem, let me know. 



A Tale of Two Cities said...

So, so good to hear from you, Teri. I share your woes. My next door neighbor here in London told me last night he was off for the weekend to stay at his flat in Paris, as nonchalantly as if he was traveling from Houston to Galveston for the day. How do they do it? Maybe we need to pool our $$$ and go in together to buy something there. Keep me posted on what you learn in the book!


Jenny said...

Hey, Debi, and Teri, I am in! Let's do it. hee hee. Teri, your pool is fabulous. And I too cannot get most of my vidoes to load...something about the memory size was over capacity, but sometimes the video icon just decides to not come up and I just sign out and then back in and voila...there it is, little bugger. Sorry I have no answers. But what were you going to promote this time...I wonder. Have a dreamy weekend.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

I came over from Mandi's blog. I love Paris! I spent 10 days there with my family. I have also spent a week in the south of France with my family. My sis-in-law is French & she lived there w/her hubby & oldest daughter (my bro-in-law) & they had to move back to the States. It is completely unaffordable! You might consider renting a flat when the French are on holiday (early July to end of August?) btw, my bro-in-law was not treated very well as he was American, even though he was fluent in French. Also I am having a French~inspired giveaway on my blog~you should check it out! Enjoy your gorgeous pool (that would run you a cool million in France~with a house of course)

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I love your pool!
I have always wanted a family compound where we could have 2 cottages on the waterfront and all the toys and have the kids and their kids (soon) all come and summer or weekend or spend any holidays together. It's a longtime dream of mine but I have to face would take an inheritance or a lottery to
make it happen.
Good luck and don't ever stop dreaming.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Teri,
My plan of action - head to Paris to relax and take it easy and unexpectedly meet the Frenchman of your dreams and Boom! you pack up, move across the Atlantic with your 5 French words and live happily ever after!!!!
Seriously, you already have the man of your dreams, just go when you can and enjoy. If it's meant to be it will work out! Amazing but true!
Bon weekend!
P.S. Did you recieve my email? I thought you might be able to use the info.

char said...

Please try to download your video. We are sitting here with my ankle hurt and I need to shop. I will say, when you blogged about the InStyler I bought one (never having considered it before) and it is the best thing I've ever had, to do with hair,of course.
Also I bought the Kwiki, purse thing you told us about and I love ti to death. You need to keep us all up on cool and useful stuff. So get the next thing on, we need you!

Diane said...

I can hear the tone of "longing" in your blog voice for Paris. Some how, some way it could work out --- but, in the meantime, I think you and Scott have a great thing going. And, yes, your friends and family are here and everyone would miss you terribly. But, then again, if you all did move, everyone could come visit!!!
Keep the dream alive,

myletterstoemily said...

enjoy your life. . . by the pool.

but we miss you. :)

mya said...

It will not substitute for Paris, but it is a pool, and a beautiful one.
I have come across your site a couple of times and have enjoyed your posts.
Unless you an get an exceptionable good price, this might be a scarey time to buy much of anything. If the economy continues to decline, and more imaginable ways to rake in revenue continue to soar, we might all have to sell things to pay our "fair share." for real

Girl Meets Paris said...

Scott just corrected me... he only buys a lottery ticket every six, there are 10 of them in the pool, so we will have to share our winnings... see, my chances are getting slimmer and slimmer by the minute!

Deanne said...


It'll happen someday! I don't know how, and neither do you right now, but it will! It is just too deep of a desire on your and Scott's part. It is a desire that is down to the cellular level.

Remember when we were girls and both just wanted to live by the water? Well, we are!! I don't know how it happened, but we are! I LOVE your lanai! What a great place to blog!

We are blessed.

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