Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Big Reveal...

So... big reveal #1... my London Wall!

Why do I call it my London Wall, when almost everything on my wall has to do with France? It's because I got the idea from Tracy Porter (click to see her version) and she calls her wall that, because it reminds her of London where the hotel walls are all full of lusciousness. I truly love Tracy, she inspires me everyday, and helps me look at life a little less seriously.

My wall doesn't have any real antiques... yet... but I love it so much because it was... drumroll... FREE!!!

Everything on the wall except the crown carving, ($5-TJMaxx) was already in my house. Don't you love repurposing and breathing life into things that were so-so on their own, but rearranged and refluffed...VOILA... a whole new situation! Of course this wall will grow and change as I add to it. The wall actually goes up 14 feet to an opening to the gameroom upstairs...
so I gotta LOT of wall to work with!

Sooooooooooo, hope you enjoy this short video. Sorry for the out-of-focus close-ups....oops!

Great day to you all... soon... reveal #2!



Bonjour Madame said...

**APPLAUSE** I love it. It's totally interesting and I bet it's fun to look at every day. Bravo!

Kelly said...

Yes, you are getting a standing "O" here in Texas! Love all the memories - so much better to have them displayed to enjoy rather than stuck in a drawer somewhere! So pretty and artistic. Great job!

Wanda said...

I LOVE your London Wall but my favorite is the shadow box you made for your husband. It is a great idea for all the souvenir papers I got from my trip to Paris. Thank you for the inspiration and I hope you have a wonderful day.

best regards,
Wanda Contreras

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I'm in love with your London wall, which is really a composite of all your travels. What a terrific way to make use of all the memorabilia, and be reminded each day of all your wonderful memories.

You, my friend, are so clever!

the paris apartment said...

*Hey Teri*
I had so much fun at your blog just now! It's great to meet someone who shares the passion for sucha magical place. Thank you so much for including my book in your post. i DO recognize a picture wall 'how to'...and love your interpretation!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Teri. You rock. You know that? You just rock.

I love your "London wall!"

Your "London "Paris" Wall". ;)

And as for Tracy P.... she just might need to
watch her back. Teri R. is on the rise! :)

Your videos are something I look forward to! Keep 'em coming!!



Teri said...

Oh Ruth... if you only knew of all the videos from Paris that I have not published. They are kooky beyond measure... I also have a few more ideas for blogs about a few more must-have products.

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments...

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Teri,

Love your 'London Wall'. You did a fabulous job on the video - please we'd love to see more, you're a natural!

Thanks for coming by about the McDo Macs - can you believe it? I prefer savoring them in a gorgeous salon myself, but have been known to sneak one out of the bag on my way home (but you didn't hear that from me)!

Bonne soirée

Diane said...

LOVE IT! Looking forward to your next reveal -- with video, I do hope.

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Awesome London wall Teri! Love it! How many people have a photo of their grandparents on their wedding day like that!.. Not many of us! That is so cool! I'm a nut for old photos! All those Sweet Precious memories for you to look at each day! So Wonderful!

Big Hugs ~ Teresa

tracy porter said...

I love it! Gorgeous, love all the goodness and delicious tidbit you put onto your wall! You are so kind to call me out...thanks so much!!
Kisses to you my girl!!! Beautiful and inspiring!!!
Tracy Porter

Teri said...

Please... everyone take note.. I got comments from The Paris Apartment AND Tracy Porter...

I'm in heaven! SO COOL.

Simply Colette said...

I love the London Wall! And Meagan is so adorable!! :) Can you believe my mom beat to join facebook? I just signed up today. wow!

The Flying Bee said...

I love the London Wall! Great job! Oh, and of course you know I love all your videos, too!


Mélanie said...

Love the london wall.

Anonymous said...

Love your London Wall and your blog. Just discovered it through a friend's suggestion! Carry on! Kim

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