Monday, February 15, 2010

So Random...

Okay... we are FREEZING here in Florida. It's really out of control. It's been like this since New Years. It's making me be in a bad mood. Tomorrow's high is in the low 50's. Our regular temps this time of year are in the 70's. Please don't write me and make me feel guilty if your area of the country is much worse off. I get it... I'm not asking you to feel sorry for me... but I'm STILL COLD!!!

What's a beach girl to do with these unseasonably cold temps?

Well, there are a few things...

First, I keep my most favorite thing in the world all plugged in and ready to go...

That's a Keurig Coffee Maker. It's great for Starbucks- like coffee at home. My personal favorite? Paul Newman Extra Bold. It's just so.... yum!

To add insult to injury of the cold weather, hubby left on a business trip to Phoenix this morning.... and yes, it's in the 70's there... but there was a cool surprise for me when I clicked on my TV at 5:30am when he kissed me goodbye.

I've told you all how much I love my TIVO. I hardly ever watch real-time TV anymore. About once a month, I go through my TIVO selection of movies on TCM, and choose a few to record. They show up at random... I never know what's coming.

Well... this morning, I hit the JACKPOT. Three absolute favs were all sitting there in my queue, just waiting for me!! I can't wait to snuggle down tonight, and just veg out after everyone is fed and in bed.
I love my husband and everything... but if he were home, he would insist on hour-by-hour Olympics. That's cool and all, but may I just say, I'm glad they only come around every 2 years... of course I would rather have him home, but, if one must be alone, having all these great movies softens the loneliness just a little.

Are you just dying to know what the three movies are???? I'm so excited I barely know what to choose first!!!

Casablanca (1942)

Little Women (1949)

The Parent Trap (1961...the original, of course!)

Can you even stand it?????????

It seriously doesn't take much to make me extremely happy!!!

It's the little things :)



char said...

You are so easy to please. Old movies and a trip to Paris each year and you are one "Happy Camper!"

I love it!

Now if we can just find affordable truffles.....!

Bonjour Madame said...

Breakfast at Tiffany's comes on this Friday at 8pm eastern time. I love that channel!

vanilla143 said...

Parent Trap is one of my favorites. I have never seen the other two, although I read LW many times growing up. Glad you have a good reason to snuggle up in a warm blanket and have a nice quiet evening. One of my favorite things in the world.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I love old movies too...whenever I put on AMC or hubby and kids let out an...ughh...but what do they know :o) Although, the other day I was watching Laurel and Hardy and my boys actually sat and watched it with me...and then they asked if they could watch another one...maybe there's hope for them still.

Kelly said...

Teri, I almost always comment on your comments on MY blog but I don't know if you ever see them! So first I will say that my post was supposed to tickle you pink, not make you sad! But I totally get you on would be so fun to actually shop and have a cupcake together and just catch up! I guess shopping through my blogpost is the next best thing...and if we could meet up in Paris, it would be SO great...dreams are a good thing! Next: I gave Johnny a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas! I LOVE IT! I feel so in vogue using it. So extravagant. LOL!! I hope you are enjoying your movies, girlie! Stay warm! I'm with you on the "it's too cold" thing. Our Texas winter has been a mite nippy this year too!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

So which one did you watch first??? There's something about hubbies being gone that give us a little more freedom. Come to think of it, my hubby is traveling on Wednesday for a few days. Better make my plans...


Natasha said...

Oh I love The Parent Trap!! Sounds like a perfect night to me too! Have a wonderful time.

Best wishes,

Teri said...

Kel... I will start looking at your comments for comments to me. I hardly ever comment back to people on here. It's hard enough for me to keep up just blooging.
Char... We WILL find those truffles.
Vanilla... I went out and bought Little Women yesterday. I read it years ago from the library and loved it, so I decided to get my own copy and reread it. It makes me happy.
Debi... I watched Little Women first. Then late last night I decided to watch Casablanca, and I think my dear, beloved husband CANCELLED the recording to watch the Olympics when I wasn't home, so I only had TEN minutes of the movie... I'll have to give him a talking to when he gets home... LOL!!!!!!!
Bonjour Madame... Breakfast at Tiffany's is already in my "to record" list!!! Thanks for the tip though!

Okay... so this is practically a post!!!!
Love to all my pals... Teri

myletterstoemily said...

i'm so miserable because it's so freezing...
wait a minute, is that "parent trap" :)

my in laws are freezing in florida, too. so sorry.

it IS much easier to take the cold when it stays
where it is supposed to!


The Flying Bee said...

You will be shocked, but I have never watched Casablanca!!! Can you believe it? I know...shame on me! My mom lent it to me about a year ago and I still have not watched it! I am probably the only woman on the planet who has not seen it! LOL!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

I'm sending you some warm California sun, can you believe it was in the 80's here this week?!

I don't like being cold and I consider the 50's cold! lol

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope things warm up for you!


The Boston Lady said...

Teri, I just was checking out your blog and came across this entry. You are a woman after my own heart: two of my favorite movies were in your choice of three. Absolutely loved "Little Women" fell in love with Peter Lawford as "Laurie", wanted to be June Allyson as "Jo" and cried when Beth "Margret O'Brien" died. Original "Parent Trap" is my favorite Hayley Mills movie. I actually wanted to name my daughter Hayley, but voted out of it. Love your blog.

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