Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Thoughts...

A quick post~

Coming first ever Blog Giveaway!  Not to worry, it will have a French flair to it.  A friend gave me a cute name for’s a hint~

My trip counter on my computer tells me it’s twenty-five days until we leave for Paris. I am now willing to mark a few “to do’s” off my list.

1. Work on my French.

2. Lose 5 lbs.

Neither of these things have been accomplished, but the “lose 5 lbs.” thing gave me an idea.  I have decided to conduct a totally unscientific experiment.  

Most of you have heard of the book, “French Women Don’t Get Fat.”  I own a copy, and I think she is on to something.  I’ve decided to do my own version of it called~ 

“American Women Don’t Get Fat...or do They?”

I am going to ~GASP~ give my weight on the day before I leave for Paris.  For 2 solid weeks, I will eat like a Parisian and live like a Parisian, and see what happens. Since I’ve been to Paris a few times before, here are the differences I know I will encounter...

In America...I watch what I eat only when my jeans get too tight.  I eat fast food once a week. I do not exercise...except for walking on the treadmill, which, if I'm honest, comes and goes in spurts. I drive everywhere and park as close to the door as humanly possible. I snack between meals every single day. I am a potato chip junkie. I eat Oreos on occasion, but almost never eat dessert.  I do not eat breakfast, only coffee.   French fries are my favorite food group.  I’ve never met a vegetable I like, but I do eat them. My portions here are huge, but I rarely clean my plate.

In Paris...I do not watch what I eat in any way, shape, or form.  I do not snack. I do not eat fast food. I walk everywhere. I eat a croissant every morning, and tons of bread with every meal.  French fries continue to be my favorite food group.  I have dessert every night. My portions at meals are small, because that’s how they serve it...I always clean my plate.

So, we will see together... if an American lives like a French woman, sort of, will she gain or lose weight?  For this to be a true experiment, I would have to take up smoking, but I’m not that committed.  

But wait...there’s something in France that mimics smoking... I just found it on the internet.  It’s called LeWhif.  

It’s a new product, a cigarette like contraption, and when you “smoke” it, it gives you a dash of chocolate powder.  It's supposed to be a way to enjoy chocolate without the calories. Sounds crazy, but I am going to buy one, and report back to you if it works.  It’s evidently a new craze.  Only in France!!

Check in tomorrow!

Au revoir


char said...

I can't imagine what you were looking for when you found "Whif." Are you going to replace a puff of "Whif" for your desert or just "Whif," away a craving? I think you should try this at home not instead of Creme Brulee. Scott will definitely win best orderer. This is such an interesting totally unscientific idea but that would be the way to see if it really works. Just use it at will and you will know if we are on the way to never being fat again. Just Whif and Go!

Teri said...

The Whif is just a funny thing I found on a website called I wasn't looking for it, I would have never imagined such a thing. I will not be using it instead of dessert. I just thought I'd try it. It's only about 4 whifs per tube, so I will do it twice, and Scott twice. I'd rather eat molten chocolate cake actually. LOL

Remember, I'm not dieting on this trip at all. I really want to see what happens if I eat just what I want for 2 weeks. Should be interesting.


The Flying Bee said...

So excited about your giveaway! And, I can't wait to see if your little experiment works. Oh, happy day, if it does! :)

The LeWhif is too funny! It reminds me of an asthma inhaler! I can just picture women everywhere pulling them out everytime they have a chocolate attack!

Have a great day!

Simply Colette said...

Just found your blog and I love it! I went to Paris this spring for the first time, and you know what they say about Paris in April... aww. The sky and flowers are beautiful. If you have not been to Versailles, you HAVE to go explore the gardens :)

celiajuno said...

I always come back from my Paris vacations a little lighter and I think it is because I spend so much time walking. I never watch what I eat but I find that I do tend to eat less because a. the portions are smaller and b. I am busy doing things.

Meagan said...

I love this experiment!! I can't wait to hear what happens.

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