Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo to go with Paris in Wed. Post


Flea Market photo to go with previous blogpost. Here are 3 of my finds. I am so excited. I am NOT a flea market type of gal (yes, I can hear the gasps across America) and this may sound shallow, but as we walked in, I prayed, "Lord, please give me an eye today." I could not be happier!

Have I told you lately how much I love France?

Wednesday in Paris

My ever caring mother has filled us in that there are terror threats in here is my report, live, from the scene...

Eiffel tower...yesterday we were at Notre Dame, and tons of police cars were rushing in big groups somewhere. I told Scott I bet something has happened. We just heard from mom that the E.Tower was evacuated. We are also seeing patrols everywhere...some police, some military. Today our train was stopped in the middle of our trip back into town from the flea market. They made some big announcement, in French of course, everyone looked annoyed, and got off. We followed suit, and found a way home on a diff. line. There were cops all over...not normal.

The weirdest thing is there is NOTHING on the TV! Oh well. It seems it would be on the station we watch. It's 24/7 French news in English.

We went to the flea market today and it was a dream. I got about 6 things I've been searching for in the US for over 2 years, and of course they are better now b/c they are from France. I was channeling Tracy Porter ALL day. I got an old silver gallery tray, a small oil painting for my London wall (approx. 5x7 w/ 2 in frame around) 2 French people statues (8 in), a white bust of a woman, and an old oval copper casserole! I managed to "deal" with the French, and offer less money, and they were happy to accept. NO ONE spoke English all day. Many times they would say something to Scott and I, and as we stared blankly, uproarious laughter would break out around us...apparently we were the brunt of all jokes today. Scott almost ordered lamb and kidney skewers. I insisted getting out the French/English dictionary before he ordered...we ran away quickly...but it did smell good. Suffice it to say we had HAM sandwiches at the HAM fair and even ordering that was funny.  WE don't think we are funny, but a lot of french people do! 

There are some great videos from the flea market, but they will have to wait. to the steps that overlook the entire city, then some Onion Soup.

I posted a pic of some of my finds on the next post.  This trip is a blogging nightmare, but I'm trying...


Tuesday in Paris


It's Wed. morning, but last night I was just too tired to post.

Today started out with a trip to a basket store and a basket purchase. Thank you so much Debi@ Tale of Two Cities. She was in Paris last week and mentioned she saw some market bags by a friend's place. Since Scott and I had struck out, I asked her to send me the street name. She actually emailed her friend in Paris...the friend took her camera, took pics of the store so I could see the types of bags, came home, downloaded and emailed the pics to Debi who emailed them to me! Aren't Bloggers THE nicest people?

She mentioned she wasn't sure of the quality. These bags have been hanging outside awhile, but don't you just love the patina of this bag? It looks old... I love the one I chose, and bonus, it was only 12€. I posed the bag just for this photo when I saw the brown bridge. That's the Seine of course and Notre Dame to the left.

We started out yesterday at 11am. We were determined not to kill ourselves, come in early and relax, go out for a late dinner, and get up all rested and refreshed for today...the Pig Fair day. So, in our true fashion, we stayed out nonstop until 11pm! We finished the night in true fashion as well. We went down in the metro, and Scott was so sure of the line and the direction and connection we needed, we did not double check the map like we always do. We got on the train, got all situated and began riding home. It was at least 15 stops to our connection. I got this feeling something wasn't quite right. At one point I looked over at a stop, and covering the walls was the most beautiful painting of the French at war...we had never seen this. Suffice it to say we rode ALL the way across Paris to catch our connection, that had actually been 2 stops the other direction from where we got on. We just shook our heads.

We did so much, and saw so much, and relaxed so much, that we both agreed this was one of the most wonderful days we've ever had. We fell into bed last night!

I truly have so much fun stuff to blog, but it will have to wait. Hopefully, you will all continue reading over the next few weeks as I unfold our experiences, and of course I have some great photos and a few pitiful videos to go along with these future posts. We don't do anything with style and grace...we seem to always be clunking through Paris! to the flea market. We have to catch the RER...a system we've never been able to goes nothing!
Will post tonight...

P.S.  I did buy a fur piece in a vintage shop yesterday in the Marais.  Scott says it is a purchase I will regret... but hey... it was only 5euro!

Monday, September 27, 2010

La Photo...

 This photo goes with the post right before it... posting from France can be maddening!

Monday in Paris

Today was another marathon day. Eight hours on foot...I'm so not kidding. We thought we were past doing this to ourselves but evidently not.
We started off at the Eiffel Tower to mail 19 postcards. Do you mind me telling you I'm beginning to hate that area of Paris? It's hard to get to, but I really wanted the postcards to have that postmark. Same as last year, only a self serve kiosk. Guess what? They only take credit cards with a European chip or CHANGE. Who carries around 20€ with of change? Not Teri and Scott! We ended up leaving...
with postcards.
We walked a million miles all over the Palais Royal, and the Opera area. We went into lots of shops and dept. stores. We finally ended up on the Champs Elysees to buy perfume for Parisienne Farmgirl (only found the Dior my dear, they didn't have the other, but I will keep my eyes open) and right down from there was an open postal WITH a real person. He was quite mailed from the Champs Elysees! (please pronounce with a French accent, or it sounds so yucky).
We did have the most wonderful Onion Soup today, and of course I had to order pomme frites on the fav!
So I leave you with one photo..because I can't download on the French computer, and my iPad only let's me choose one (at least that's all I've figured out).
Fashion trend alert... It's all about FUR, and Leopard. Every single shop window has fur, fur, fur. This is my fifth fall in Paris, and I can tell you this is a new trend. I am looking for a new leopard purse...can't wear much fur in Florida!
This is in a vintage shop in the Palais Royal...yes...the one Rachel Zoe's BANANAS :)

The photo just disappeared, so I will send it in a post all by itself,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday in Paris

Writing out postcards at lunch today.
 Our adorable waiter is behind me.
We are on Rue de Something.

Great lunch, and of course Scott out ordered me.

Mid 40's tonight, but the apt. is warm and cozy. It rained on and off all day today, but it doesn't seem to matter. Thank goodness it warms up by noon.

Lots of walking today. We went to the neighborhood where I found the straw french market bags last year. Searched a labyrinth of streets, and to save us we could not find them again. This city is a maze, but we found other cool stuff we had never seen before. A huge fountain, an old church, a bronze statue, and many awesome boutiques with so, so, so many PURSES that were calling my name. However it was like 1950's America...not a single shop was open...Sunday! But window shopping is need to make a decision, and quite economical!

Scott wants me to tell you that he made breakfast AND dinner today. He had to figure out the microwave, which actually has a button that says "steam clean". He ended up hitting the only button we understood over and says "30 sec." The point of all this is I haven't even filled a glass with water in the kitchen...I'm on vacation!
Scott got up early 2 mornings in a row to get fresh croissants. 
Yesterday they were all out, so this morning he left earlier.  The guy in front of him got the last four. Obviously, Scott needs to get up even earlier, or find an alternate bakery! 

Well , exhaustion is calling so
Bon Nuit...

A bientôt,

P.S. Mom...can this count as an email?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We Made It

Let me say at the outset that I am typing on a french keyboard so this will be short and sweet!  This keyboard does not like me, and all the letters are in different places.

We arrived fine....well, two things did happen on the outset. The name on my ticket and the name on my passport did not match. I mainly got stares and tisk tisk from officials, but I made it through. In New York, Scott realized he left ALL his cash at home, and I only had 60 dollars on me.  Thank goodness the ATM at the Paris airport worked.

We bought roasted chicken and potatoes at an outdoor market yesterday for dinner... yum.

Today we walked 7 hours. We ate, had café and generally enjoyed the day through off and on sprinkles.  Found an awesome leopard purse but we were on St. Germain, so I knew it was too much.

Oh... spent the morning at a flea market.  May go back tomorrow. It was a bit overwhelming, but I did buy an old rusty key for 1€.  This was not the Ham Fair, which we will visit next week.

This computer keeps beeping me and I am exhausted, so I will say goodnight for now.

We are having more fun than this sounds... LOL.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giveaway Winners

Okay girls... giveaway comments closed.  

A few minutes ago, I signed onto blogger, and there were three comments that had been sitting there that hadn't been moderated yet.  I usually publish comments as they come to my email.  I don't know why these didn't show up.  When I moderated those comments, they jumped in ahead of some of you that I'm sure thought you had won.

Oh the pain... I just can't stand to leave only a few people out... so... lets have a toast...

EVERYONE that commented gets a postcard!  Scott says it's only right considering how sweet, supportive, and awesome all of you were when we recently went through our health scare.

So here are the winners...  

Tale of Two Cities

You all need to send me your address asap to

The following people are also getting a postcard... but I have your addresses :)


I will be looking for everyone's addresses when I get to Paris... in a few hours! 
 Hey, it seems like a few hours when you've been waiting a year to return!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Almost There/Giveaway!

I've been perusing the Internet lately, and I've found out all sorts of goodies happening in Paris while I'm there... Here are two biggies...

Paris Fashion Week starts Sept. 28.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for Scott) the shows I would have "stood outside the entrance to try and see the rich and famous" are a couple days after we leave... Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Valentino.  
Truth be told, I would have been watching for Rachel Zoe, as well as Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs... but I digress...

Karl Lagerfeld is having an exhibition of his photography.  We aren't sure how to get tickets, but we are going to try. Take a look on Chanel's website... (couldn't get the Link button to work)

I found an incredible bar online, and I HOPE to have the nerve to try and go.  The cocktails are 15-25€ each, but you get to sit and stare as long as you like... hours even... what will I be staring at????? 
 See here. 
 It's on the 34th floor... in a part of town I don't think I've ever been to, but maybe, just maybe, we'll give it a go.  Scott says 'no way'. Then I reminded him that when we go to Las Vegas, our gambling limit is $20 each (for our entire stay) and he has no problem losing that much money in 10 minutes, so why is he objecting to paying this for one glass of champagne, in Paris, with a view to never be equaled?  He did not follow my logic.  

Truth be told, I know the reason he doesn't want to go... can't wear jeans, and you have to get past someone before you are allowed in.  What am I thinking anyway... I don't have the nerve either.  Just in case, I'm sneaking his black dress pants and shoes into my bag. Wow... now I gotta pack my heels!

Now... the giveaway... it's really simple.  The first ten people that comment on this post, will receive a postcard from Paris!  I will post the winners tomorrow.  If your name is posted, it's your responsibility to email me your address immediately.  I plan to send these cards out right away. 
Voila... that's it!  If you aren't already a follower, I would love it if you would become one. Your chances of winning are huge, because I usually only get 8 comments or so per post... ready, set, go!

Scott and I have so many things on our 'list' of things to do, that it's overwhelming.  Here are some highlights we hope not to miss.

Go to the Ham Fair (flea market) that I mentioned a few posts back.  It takes place on an island in the Seine, where this was painted!!!  Don't you love the sense of history!!!!

Step into a few museums.

Relax in 'one' of our favorite parks.

Go here our first night, have some wine at our favorite place, Le Deauville, and eat the most fabulous shrimp pizza you can imagine, at a place I can't ever remember the name of, but I know it when I see it.

Buy a book or two. Don't you think our grandkids need to be exposed to the french language???

Eat a crepe.  

Eat somewhere mysterious.  Did you notice I've mentioned eating three times already?

Cook Heat up something here...(food again).

Sit here...

...and enjoy the view right out my window.

So whenever if I blog, it will be from that room above.

Au revoir!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom!

I know many of you have wonderful moms.  
But how many of you have a wonderful, FUN, crazy, willing to try almost anything once moms?

I do!

My mom is __0 years old today!  She is the kind of mom I strive to be.  Always supportive, ready to help, very giving to everyone, and always ready to have fun.  Whenever we would go visit our extended family in Louisiana, it was like a celebrity was coming to town.  Everyone wanted to see Charline!!!!! 
 The rest of us were just an entourage to her popularity... 
I'm really not kidding!

Same is true in our town.  Everyone at church knows her, and that's not easy considering our church is REALLY big.  She helps with the Military support group and events, decorates for the Pastor dinners, is an Encourager, helps put on women's events, and that's just what she's been up to lately.  Let me tell you, her talent knows no bounds.   

Oh... Did I mention she is a world traveler? She and my dad have been on many mission trips... Africa, Taiwan, Peru, etc. (mom, please leave a comment with the number of countries you've visited).  She is also an absolute beauty, AND a party planner extraordinaire!  Oh... did I mention she's an artist, and she's writing a BOOK?  
It's all true!

So Happy Birthday Mom!

Here's a few fun photos.  My mom's only flaw is she's photo-aphobic, so there were not a ton of pics I could choose from.  Plus, I'm only using photos that are on my computer.  I wish I had more!

And I know Charline would want me to put this disclaimer... 
"Remember friends, photos online add at least 20 lbs."

So indulge me while I take us all on a walk down memory lane.  These fun times do not even scratch the surface of all the good times she's had in her life... so far!

Fair Park High School drill-team practice.

Marching in Shreveport, LA.

A party she threw for my daughter's wedding.

More of that party...

A girl's trip to New Orleans.  I'm sure it was her idea that we wear boas out to brunch at the Court of Two Sister's restaurant!

We got Business Class on the way to Japan.  Who were we to turn down FREE champagne???

A charity event... notice the background... SHE decorated it, and lots more!

A few birthdays ago... QUEEN!

So mom, if you ever wondered... I LOVE YOU and I THINK YOU'RE WONDERFUL!

~Charline's Daughter!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Time Has Come... Part 1

I've written many post about the perfection that is Paris... but in reality, Paris is not perfect.  It has it's flaws and it's share of strange characters just like any other diverse city.  I've decided that today, we will depart from the Perfect Paris, and I will describe for you the first of two events Scott and I experienced... it might disturb you, it might will gross you out... but I feel I must tell it.  The truth is always more interesting than perfection, don't you think? If you are easily offended, move on to another blog... now... 
you have been warned...

Perhaps some of you remember this video (click here).   It was exactly as you see it... a PERFECT day, in a PERFECT square, with PERFECT weather.  This square is located right near here...

After filming that short video, we sat leisurely for over an hour people watching.  About 20 yards from us in the middle of the sun dappled square, I noticed a rather drunk, very dirty man sitting on a bench.  He was talking to no one in particular, and had an extra large beer in his hand that he waved around as he talked and weaved back and forth rather precariously.  Most everyone that walked past him, ignored him.  One man sat at the other end of the bench, never making eye contact. The drunk man tried over and over to engage him in conversation, but the man stared straight ahead, never flinched, and left after a few minutes. 

Soon the drunk man dropped his can of beer and it rolled over the cobblestones, and stopped maybe 5 feet away... I saw 'dilemma' written all over his face.  He absolutely would not stand up, so as people passed, he begged them to pick up his beer... finally someone did, and he continued  drinking.  Now mind you, this guy is all smiles and having a grand time.  He wasn't loud, and without keen observation, you might miss him altogether.  Scott had his back to the man, so periodically, I would fill him in on the happenings, or he would turn and take a quick peek.

Next, the man decided he needed a cigarette.  He watched carefully as people passed.  Finally, one very chic couple walked by, he got their attention, and the very well dressed man handed him a cigarette, and even lit it for him!  He was one happy camper.

Now.. the main event... drunk man leaned back a little on the bench.  I thought he was fiddling with his beer can.  All of the sudden he began spewing beer all over the place.  It went maybe 5 ft straight up in the air, arced over, splashing down on the ground around him.  I started laughing and Scott turned to look.  He turned back to me, and said, 

"Teri, that is not beer... he's taking a LEAK."  

I sat there, stunned, in absolute horror.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you this lasted over a minute straight!  How could we be sure it wasn't beer??? Because we could CLEARLY see the instrument from which the spray was coming!!!!  I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry!!!  I was in shock.  Scott's comment?

"Wow, I wish I still had that kind of back-pressure!"

 Life went on around him... talk about a country where everyone minds their own business!  When he finished, he put his instrument away. There was a HUGE wet spot about 5 feet around him.  It sunk between the cobblestones quickly, but as moms and dads and children with their rolling backpacks walked through it, well... it was more than I could take.  We had to leave.  It was so unsettling.
  Scott turned to me as we walked off and said, 

"Teri, you aren't in Kansas anymore!"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Artistic Side is Showing

Next week is my mom's birthday, and we celebrated a little early last night getting in touch with our creative side.  

Here are a few pics of mom, my daughters Lexi and Meagan, and me.

It was really fun.  If you have a Painting With a Twist in your area, you must go!

The entire class paints the same picture, but as you can see, we all had our own style!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Thank you all again for such beautiful comments on Scott last week.  It meant a lot to me, and to him as well.

Paris... NINE days and counting...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Good News!

Just a quick post to say that the tests results are in on Scott and they were GOOD.

Praise the Lord... I give Him all the glory!

 Some more tests to do in Oct. AFTER we get back from Paris.

We can go to Paris in two weeks, worry free... and that's a GOOD thing!

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.  Still keeping some of you in my prayers... 
you know who you are :)

I did not borrow trouble during this time of waiting.  I think the trouble was just too big to borrow.  I hope I've learned something I will remember and take with me into the future.

Have a wonderful weekend... I know we will!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I don't know why I'm blogging again.  I often rethink things I write.  So here's another post I will rethink tonight.  The reason is because I so want to be an encouragement to others... mainly through inspiration (Paris) or laughter.

I just have to say... I know there are people going through  horrible things all over the world.  I in NO way want to imply that I think my plight is any worse than any other.  It's just... my plight...  a wife going through uncertainly about her husband.

Yesterday was a day of tests... today is a day of waiting, and tomorrow may be the same thing.  What have I chosen to do on a day like this?  

*Took my daughter to school.
*Took a long walk.  There is a small lake in my neighborhood, and I went over there and walked around it.  It was so peaceful.
*Answered a million emails and made some calls.

All the while, listening to... drum-roll... CHRISTMAS music.  Don't ask why... I have no explanation, other than Christmas music is so promising.  It just oozes happiness and joy.  I'm listening to artists from the 60's.  
The Rat Pack to be exact.  So fun.

One thing that keeps going through my mind, is a statement I heard echoing through my grandmother's house many, many times... "Like sands through an hourglass... so are the Days of Our Lives."  

It had me thinking... many days are overloaded with fun, many with sadness, and many with uncertainty...

I'm really getting serious here... so let's move on...

Just found out, I'm going to miss a MAJOR exhibit in Paris by only 11 days.  I am sick about it... can barely think of missing it by so little, but still... I will miss it.

Le Musée Carnavalet brings to life the story of Louis Vuitton—oui, Louis!—from October 13, through February. (So you don’t have to hightail it up to the private museum in Asnières to learn about the brand).

Upon reading this, I researched Asnieres.  From what I've gathered, it's a town 25 min. from Paris, and it is the birthplace of Louis Vuitton handbags.  There's a house and everything!!!! 

The family home...

The Travel Museum...

 Wonder how Scott might feel about that outing????? 

Photos taken from here
Remember, authentic Louis Vuitton handbags are sold exclusively at retail stores or their official website.  The French hate a knock-off!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Middle

Sitting here at the cancer center. I just asked Scott a question... "Do you think everyone in this room has cancer?". He looks at me, in that way he has that leads me to believe he thinks I am missing some brain cells, and he says, "Yes." I hate those one word answers... and he is famous for them. He sits next to me, reading his Kindle. I'm embarrassed to say that I have bogarted the iPad since we got here.

The TV is blaring. It's on CNN and they are broadcasting a court appearance for someone named Snooki. Evidently, she is on a reality show called Jersey Shores, got drunk on a beach, and created all sorts of mayhem. Listen... I was able to let go of my reality watching TV days the day The Hills ended... about a month ago...

wait... does The Rachel Zoe Project count?

I'm joking around with you because I'm here, in this Middle Place. The place between everything is fine and everything is horrible. It's a weird place, sorta like Wonderland... "I wonder if the cancer has spread? I wonder if this nightmare will be over soon? I wonder if Scott will get really sick like some of the people in this room?"

We are so lucky. So many people have called, emailed, and texted to check on us. We have the Lord, we have each other, we have it all...

If you haven't read the book The Middle Place, I highly recommend it. It's a fabulous book written by a woman (Kelly Corrigan) who gets breast cancer at a young age. The book is soooooo good. If I ever write a book, this is the flavor I want mine to have... the feel... she captures just the right blend of seriousness, and hilarity. She is able to get down on paper what everyone is thinking, but are afraid to say.

I started rereading it last night for the fourth time in 2 yrs. I remembered her Dad got cancer as well, but not the details. Imagine my shock, when I read at about 1am, that he had prostate cancer (what my husband has) and that in the book, it SPREADS!

I was not even believing it... seemed a little too close for comfort.

I was forced to put it down, and mercifully fell right to sleep.

Scott's name was just called. He turned and said to me, "Off to the gallows."

More later...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Very Interesting...

Funny how God orchestrates life sometimes... 
don'tcha think?

Last week I wrote a post all about knowing what is small stuff and what is not, and trying to understand the difference.  Two days after I wrote that post, Scott had another recheck on his cancer situation.  Suffice it to say, we did not get the news we hoped for.  Further tests on Wed.  It may be NOTHING, but then again... 
will let you know...

So NOW, the small stuff in my life has really shrunk into the background.  Funny how that happens.  The first day of the news was horrible and scary, the next day was better, and by the third day I was feeling a peace that surpasses all understanding.  I know my peace comes from prayers of friends and family.  I also think a large chunk of it comes from my Pollyanna attitude... rose colored glasses and all that.  My absolute favorite line from Gone With the Wind has always been, 
"I'll think about that tomorrow."

 I googled all the possible scenarios... I know you aren't supposed to do that... but I did (Scott has put me in charge of research).  I find it very helpful to have a background working knowledge of all the terms, so when the doctor speaks, I am not totally in the dark.  I have found during these visits, the room tends to resemble a black hole.  It kinda shrinks, and all I see is the Dr. and her lips moving.  If her words are somewhat familiar, 
it helps me concentrate.

In all this... I am saying I... because this is from my perspective. I cannot speak for Scott and wouldn't even try.  

I also mentioned a few posts ago, that we had decided to not pressure ourselves on getting the "perfect" gift for birthdays and Christmas... if we see something really cool, we can just get it for one another (within  

Scott took a vacation day on Friday, and we drove across town to the local, rather "fancy" mall.  We had a nice lunch, and I told Scott there was something I wanted to buy him, just for fun.  I felt he needed a distraction.  So off to the Apple store we went, and voila... I got him an iPad!  

The kids and I are Mac users.  Scott uses a PC because that's what his company uses.  He's always been a bit suspicious of us Mac users, but once he got the iPad home, he's all in.  He LOVES it.  He has not put it down in 3 days.  Yesterday, we downloaded some Preschool Apps for our granddaughter, and she LOVES it.  Our 15 yr. old LOVES it, I LOVE it... are you getting the picture?

Last night we had a family get together, and my mom asked if I had seen the Tale of Two Cities most recent post.  It mentions the iPad too.  Really cute post... see here.

There's only one thing...  I bought the iPad for Scott to distract his mind a bit from thinking about his upcoming tests and all that.  However, I didn't realize it would distract him from ME.  I need to make a "Teri App" so he can download me and talk to me on the screen.  

But as always around here... it's all good!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't Sweat It!

Has anyone but me noticed the unbelievable amount of conflicting advice that's out there these days?  Seriously... if you don't like the report 
(coffee is bad for you)
wait five minutes, and another report will come out
 (coffee is good for you).  
It's quite maddening if you ask me, but the other day I HAD TO LAUGH out loud when it was once again brought before my eyes...

I was at the spa (for medicinal purposes... not kidding), and I was relaxing for a moment before being called back, when I picked up a tiny little book on the table next to me.  It was this book... read the title carefully...

Title... "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... 
and it's all small stuff"

As I read, I was absolutely fascinated with the good advice in the book.  It was like it was heaven sent to me at that moment.  I didn't want to put it down, and as they called my name, I was tempted to slide it in my purse...
 (no... I didn't) 
but as I put it down I remembered thinking, "You have this book at home somewhere on the shelf!"  
I got so excited!

That evening... as I was getting in bed, I remembered to search for the book.  Within 2 seconds I had it in my hand.  As I glanced down, I noticed something peculiar... it wasn't the same book!  Here's the book that has been sitting on my shelf for years... again, read the title carefully.

Title... "God Is In the Small Stuff... and it all matters"

Can you even believe that?  Both books gave good advice.  I'm a Christian, so I assumed the second book would be better for me... but no... the first book spoke to me where I'm at right now.  I need to LET GO of all that small, insignificant stuff that is clogging my creativity, and robbing me of joy.

Anyway, don't ask why, I thought the whole thing was funny, and sad, at the same time. It did remind me though, that there is only one place for the real answers...

seek Him first, and He'll show you what is the small stuff, and what isn't!

Love ya~

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