Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Artistic Parisian Day

Scott and I do some crazy things in Paris. Life is just so different there, so open to possibilities. I decided one year, that we would take sketch books with us, and draw. Scott really can draw (although he won't admit it) and I can't draw at all. I have always been jealous of my childhood friend Deanne, that can draw ANYTHING. For me it's like singing... I just didn't get the gene... but that certainly doesn't stop me from trying!

So we loaded our sketchbooks in
our bag one day and took off for the metro. Mind you, Scott was not into this idea at all... he just went along with it. We had no idea when or where or if we would draw, we just wanted to be prepared.

We started off here....

we were not impressed.

So of course we ended up here...

where we are always impressed.

First we ate lunch...

As we sat in the courtyard, we wondered why it was so empty. Very few people were milling around. I decided to go underground to the lobby to use the restroom, and when I got to the glass pyramid to take the escalator down... I figured it out. The Louvre was closed that day!

So we decided to sit and sketch, right there in the courtyard. We spent at least 2 hours there...we were so lost in what we were doing. It was so relaxing, it almost put us in a trace. We hardly spoke, we were so involved in what we were doing. I'm am a champion multi-tasker here at home, and I think I miss out on so much, because I'm not paying attention. But in Paris... your senses are so full, so aware... you are just in the moment. I loved that feeling.

Notice Scott chose to draw a lightpost... and me, always over ambitious, decided to draw the entire building! A mistake... once I started, I noticed layers and layers of carvings, kings, queens, objects... it was totally overwhelming.

We have done this in a few areas of Paris since. It's relaxing and fun, and when we look at my sketches, it's usually hilarious. You might as well laugh, instead of cry!!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Inspiration

There are many people in my life that inspire me, and today I want to highlight one such person. I usually don't blog about my kids... I try to respect their privacy... All three of my kids are SO AWESOME and unique, but my youngest gave me permission to blog about her today.

Lexi is my baby, and she recently turned 15. She inspires me because she has an incredible 'can do' spirit, is an extremely hard worker, and never, ever, gives up.

Lexi has some pretty significant learning issues. As a mom, I noticed it when she was about 2 yrs. old. I knew she wasn't learning and doing stuff "on schedule." I put this on the back burner of my mind, but I just knew in my gut that we would someday face an uphill battle when she started school. Mind you, this wasn't obvious to anyone
but me...

Let me just say, we have done it all... Private Christian schools, homeschool, Charter schools, the works. Each of these places had great challenges. She's been through lots of testing, lots of tutoring... you name it, we've done it. She and I could seriously write a book about her experiences. We finally settled in a public charter school for her middle school years, and it was the first place she felt accepted for who she was. She thrived there, but her absolute goal was to go to "regular" school, with no extra help, and no labels.

All this to say... yesterday she had her first day in our local high school. She is going in there with no extra help, and even got put in Honors History, because all the other classes were full. This did NOT deter her in any way... she is always ready for any challenge. Because of all she's been through, she has great empathy for struggling kids. Not long ago, some kids at church were making fun of another student because she was 'different'. Lexi really let them have it. I was so proud of her. She will approach anyone with a smile, regardless of race, religion, economic status, or disabilities.

So here's to my brave and beautiful daughter. She is willing to try anything once, and faces her challenges with sheer grit and determination. I want to be more like her.

Here are some snapshots of her in action.

Disney girl

Florida girl... teaching herself to skimboard.

On a mission trip with mom in Peru.

Skateboarding in action. She set up the camera herself!!!

New experiences in Japan!

So Lexi, good luck in your new endeavor. I know you'll do great!

Thanks for reading...

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Purse That Started It All...

This would be Paris Purse blog #3. I've blogged about my obsession with purses from Paris, so I thought today would be a great day to blog about the very FIRST purse I got in Paris, and as usual, it was quite by accident.

It was 2006, our first trip, and as usual, we were lost. I don't remember the circumstances, (being "slightly" lost was a running theme), but I remember being in a huge underground train station. I think maybe it was coming home from Versailles. I can work the Metro stations like the back of my hand, but oh the train stations are SO confusing.

Anyway... walking, walking, walking... soon we came upon an underground mall area of sorts. What to do when you are lost anyway... SHOP.

I saw a cute little purse store, and of course had to go in. I found the CUTEST leopard purse, all furry and wonderful, for only 25€. I was so excited. I carried it everywhere, and I still carry it. It doesn't exactly fit the FL lifestyle, so I only carry it when it's cold weather.

My purse and I on the draw bridge of some castle right in Paris.

Purse hanging on my arm in Marseilles, France.

Have a great week everyone. Lots of fun posts really soon, I promise!!!!!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Sweet Award


I got an award from Dreaming In Pink With Roses. She is a doll. Love her blog... check her out!

I will be passing this on to others when I have time...

Now the rules state I'm to list 10 things about me, but I talk about myself ad-nauseam, so I will list 10 things I love...

1. The Lord, prayer, Bible study class

2. My family and friends

My friends and I at our annual Christmas party.

3. Paris, London

4. Blogging, Facebook, meeting all of you even, if it's only online

5, The beach, the sand, the sun

6. Pearls

7. Audrey
8. Jeans and a black tee

9. My wedding day weight

10. People that are honest, real and transparent

And drumroll, #11, last but not least, is my husband Scott. He did something for me today that I can't even type (I'm not that transparent) because it was so lame that I wouldn't do it for myself.

Ever let the grip of fear take over, and then feel like a fool?

That was me today... Then I sent him quite a few text messages thanking him for being SO sweet and understanding (ok... the look on my face kinda gave him no choice) and he sent me a text message back...

"Please stop texting me, someone has to make a living around here... I'm working!"

How DOES he put up with me???

He should be getting the award!

Lost in Lameville~

I'm supposed to be blogging about one more movie, and my guest bath, but my camera is on the blink...actually it just needs charging, but can't find the right wire :()

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Christmas Chainsaw Massacre

Every time I tell you what my next post will be about, something more urgent seems to come up. I STILL need to blog about my bathroom, Le Whif, more Paris purses, many more funny Parisian experiences...the list goes on and on...

But in the spirit of many of you recently taking down Christmas decorations, I thought of a "funny" I just had to share!

My husband will basically, do anything I ask him (within reason). In fact, when I ask him to do something, I better be ready, because he might start the something in 10 minutes. Once years ago, I mentioned how our front doors would look really good painted a dark red. Mind you, this was a PASSING thought. I mentioned it, and went off to the grocery store.

As I was driving down our street to come home, maybe 30 minutes later, I could see a cloud of dust out by the mailbox. As I got closer, I heard a very loud sound. Guess what??? It was the sound of an electric sander! He was in the process of sanding the front doors! I hadn't even picked out a color or anything... it was just a thought!!!! I'm happy to say, we grabbed some paint at Home Depot that night, and the doors turned out perfect!

So... about taking down Christmas. We had this pre-lit artificial tree, and by the second year, lights started going out, and the top wouldn't screw in straight anymore, and was always leaning. How we hated that tree. Scott kept threatening to get rid of it, but year after year, I hung on to that blasted thing.

One particular year, we had that one in the living room, and bought a huge live tree for the family room. It was so beautiful. We wanted the kids to know that some trees have a scent, unlike the palm trees in the yard.

The live tree...

Again... he kept telling me that artificial tree had to go. The day we were taking stuff down, I noticed him dragging that tree out the front door.

I knew it was time.

But then... I heard a loud noise! I went to investigate, and there he was with his gas-powered CHAINSAW, cutting that tree to pieces, wires and all, so it would fit in the back of the car to go to the dumpster.

THEN, he drug the live tree out front, and began sawing it apart (he was on a roll)... when he came back in, he saw the millions of tree needles that had fallen throughout the house. Next thing I know, he opens both front doors, gets the LEAF BLOWER, brings it inside, and blew every needle outside. It was really funny...

We like to call it "The Christmas Chainsaw Massacre."

And yes... the neighbors were staring!


P.S. Oh, and this year he pulled his back out trying to haul our new GIANT artificial tree up the stairs to the attic closet... he really hates Christmas :) LOL.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movies To Die For

I watched some really fantastic movies over the holidays, and I feel it my duty to pass a recommendation or two on to my friends...

First of all, I must recommend Netflix. If you are like me, there is SO nothing on TV, ever... I could do without it. However, I do like to watch TV late at night, or when no one is home, and my choice is always a movie from Netflix, or something I Tivo'ed. BTW, both of these things are awe~some!

Let's go way back first... a few Sundays ago, I was getting ready for church, and Scott was sitting in the den watching TV. He found himself on TCM, and watched the first 15 minutes of an OLD movie that really intrigued him. Before we went out the door, he had me hit record, and we finished it when we got home. The name of the movie was "The Enchanted Cottage"... 1945. It has Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire in it, and it's the story of two people who fall in love, and only see the beauty in each other, even though one is considered homely, and the other was disfigured in the war. Netflix doesn't have it yet, b/c it isn't out on DVD (only VHS) but I just had to tell you to be on the lookout for TCM to show it's so sweet.

Another movie I came across (TCM again) was a 1957 movie starring Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall. It's called "Designing Woman" and it is adorable, and her clothes and apartment... to die for! Netflix has it... get it!

My son has a way of buying people exactly what they would love for Christmas. I mentioned an all time favorite of mine, and low and behold, I opened it Christmas morning. It was the movie, "A Summer Place" (1959) with Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue. It's the tragedy of what happens when you marry one person, when you are in love with someone else. I know there's the unwed pregnancy, but I think the other storyline is the real killer.

Oh... let's go way back again to another TCM movie I found... it's called "Brief Encounter" 1946, starring Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson. It's another good! Two people accidentally meet in a train station, fall in love... and well, I won't spoil it. It's available on Netflix.

There are a few French movies I love...
most of you have seen them all, but here I go anyway...

My Best Friend (2007, subtitles, has a real twist at the end)
Amelie (2001, subtitles, great cinematography)
Marie Antoinette (2006, eye candy, cool music, Versailles, clothes, need I say more?)
La Vie en Rose (2007, subtitles, sad...horrible... but you must see this if only to witness the transformation they do to the beautiful Marion Cotillard)
Avenue Montaigne (2007, subtitles, really interesting movie, makes you think... I loved it)

I can't say my French picks might not have a bad word or two...and strangeness... just a warning... they are French afterall :). There were a few films I left out because I had to turn them off...too in point~Paris Je T'aime. Everyone of these are available on Netflix, and no, I'm not affiliated with Netflix at all, I just love the system and ease.

Hope you enjoy some of these on long, cold, winter nights. Cozy up with someone you love, and have a ball.


P.S. Don't mention the subtitle thing to husbands or boyfriends...they'll find out soon enough, and by the time you two are ensconced on the couch, with blankets, pj's, wine/coffee... it's too late!
Next post... I will focus only on one must-see, and my guest bathroom...they are related... got your attention yet???

Saturday, January 2, 2010

French Girls Go Shopping

A few weeks ago, I gave you all a fashion update straight from the street of Paris.

There were a few trends I mentioned...

Jeans, jeans, jeans
Leather jackets
Giant leather purses

Here's a picture of our French exchange student and her friends going shopping not long ago. I don't know if they are in Paris, Marseilles, or somewhere else.

They are right on trend!

Makes me want to go out and buy a giant purse!

(Don't miss my previous post)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Pardon This Interruption Please...

Ok... so... (have you ever noticed how I like to start my blog off like we are in the middle of a conversation?)...

I was sitting in church Sunday, and as I do every year this time of year, I was thinking about the past, present, and future. What did I accomplish this year? Where did I fail? Where do I want to improve next year?

I was thinking these things during the singing, and all of the sudden, I heard the words to a simple praise song, that I had heard a thousand times, but the words touched me in a new way.
Here they are:

He knows my name...
He knows my every thought...
He sees each tear that falls...
and He hears me when I call.

I began thinking how over the past few months, I've had my own agenda, my own thoughts, my own plans. Oh, sure, I prayed... but I realized in my heart, that for sometime now, these prayers were thrown up, without too much thought, so I could get on with MY plans.

Wow... how's that for honesty?

I asked you to pardon this interruption of all things Parisian... I even added these words to my blog banner, "...and other random thoughts" so I could occasionally blog about other things...
But these are not random thoughts, they hit my like a ton of bricks. Even though I've been busy, busy, busy, He is STILL there, He still knows my name, my every thought, He sees my happiness and my tears...
and He cares!

So as I thought about who's birthday we just celebrated, I thought about my relationship with Him... it's lacking right now...

He didn't move, I did.

So really without saying it, I guess you know my goals for 2010. They are to keep
the main thing the main thing.
I know this post is different... thanks for sticking with me. For some reason, I felt someone, somewhere, might need to hear this as much as I did.

I leave 2009 with this one final thought..

How precious are your thoughts about me O God!
They are innumerable!
I can't even count them;
they outnumber the grains of sand!
And when I wake up in the morning,
you are still with me!
Psalm 139:17-18

Here's to a fantastic and exciting 2010!


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